Plantation Shutters Pros/Cons, need advice

rehsanipoorApril 8, 2010

Hi, I'm new to this website and owning a home so forgive my lack of sophistication! Can somebody help give me a very general education in window treatments? I've gone through and read the threads here but I need more basic information.

I'd like to do plantation shutters. I love the style but am worried about cost. I was thinking of only doing the down stairs rooms to save $$. What are the pros/cons for using real wood vs. other materials? What can I expect to pay for each?

If I can't afford the plantation Shutters what would be the next best thing that would give me a similar look?

I am grateful for any advice/resources that you can give me! Again forgive my ignorance!!

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Check and see if you have The Louver Shop in your area. I have used them in two houses and the shutters are very good quality, very good price and custom sized. They will give you a free estimate and you can pick and choose which windows you want to do. I did the front of the house first and the master bedroom and then added a couple other bedrooms (which were not occupied at the time) later. I did all wood except in the garage which are PVC. I should have done PVC in the master bath as well as the window is over the tub and the paint has chipped from moisture. Otherwise they have held up perfectly and are 10 years old.

They have a number of standard colors which match most basic trim colors but they will custom color for a small upcharge.

I would consider doing the front of your house first as that will be the most visible from the street, instead of choosing "the downstairs rooms" which might not give it as unified a look outside.

Plantation shutters are particularly suited to places you need privacy (bedrooms and bathrooms) as they can be closed completely. They don't work as well where you want light.

I put them on my dining room because it was on the front of the house and we thought it would vastly improve the look of our house outside to put them across the front, which it did. However, I have very little light in my dining room now (I also have silk panels). The good news is we are close to the street so folks can't see us while we are eating in there!

Another similar product would be wood blinds, either painted or stained. These can look very nice, particularly when you add a little extra money to add tapes to the blinds to cover the hardware. My sister has a mixture of these in her house (both painted white and stained) and has different colored tapes depending on the room and they look great.

I also love the look of bamboo blinds to finish a window but they provide very little light control or privacy (they don't look very good when they are lowered), so I have those in my breakfast nook and den across the back of my house where privacy is not a concern. These can be very affordable - got mine at American Blinds and Wallpaper and they were great quality and they always have a coupon.

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Great. Thanks so much for your help. I'm glad you told me about the lack of light plantation shutters give. The truth is one the things I love about the house is its light. I don't want to diminish it too much. So maybe plantation shutters arent' the way for us to go. Do wood blinds allow more light or would the effect be the same? What do people use in order to achieve privacy without losing light?

I appreicate you help!

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I would think wood blinds would provide more light. The slats cover the entire window (whereas with plantation shutters the slats are on the center, surrounded by wood).

Although you can tilt the plantation shutters straight to let in the most light, it is still diminished. It is fine for our bedroom, but we have 6 floor to ceiling windows in there and receive direct light.

Our dining room has a triple floor to ceiling window but it is in the front of the house and gets less sun. Point being - we have large/long windows in this house and it still makes the room dark.

They are great for bedrooms though! Don't let a speck of light in which is great for us (kiddos sleep later and husband works all night sometimes and will come home and take a daytime nap).

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We had vinyl plantation shutters installed throughout the house and love the lighting control they allow. The rooms are plenty bright and you have instant privacy and room darkening quickly as needed.

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