A Question for Calamity Jane

addiesueJuly 3, 2009

Hi Jane,

I have a question about your door....I've done several GOG doors that are being used as decoration but I've never done an actual working door. Did you use anything other than a regular grout sealer? Have you had any problems with the grout breaking/cracking over time and falling out due to the constant opening/closing of the door? I'm working on a pantry door for someone and I'm wondering if I should seal it with something like the thick clear table/bar coat stuff. How did you do your door?

If anyone else has done a working door and has a solution please feel free to jump right in here too.....lol.

Thank you!


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Hey There, I just used marine silicone for the adhesive and black(my fav) sanded grout(outdoor grout, even tho this is on the inside of the door, used what I had)and have no cracking or any other problems...except one. I wish that I had taken more time and done a better job on the top part of the door/window/project as it shows that I hurried and well, just didn't think things thru and it shows the silicone around the glass pcs...I used a $75/sqft glass and wanted to show it off...but it doesn't look so great...someone suggested I do another window and use this one elsewhere, outdoors perhaps...but I have too many projects lined up to redo this front door just now...The window is 20widex63tall. We have not had any problems with this window I'm glad to say!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Oh, I don't think you messed up at all!! It is breath taking! I showed it to my husband and he was as smitten with it as I was. We both think you did a wonderful job on it. Thank you for responding....I don't feel quite so worried about the grout falling out now. My door will be used as a pantry door and is of several cluster of grapes hanging from the vine strung down the middle of the door. I'm using an amber colored water glass as the surrounding. I've started gluing all of my pieces down tonight and still have a long way to go on this project but I'll post a pic when I get it done. Thanks again for your help!


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WhooHoo!!! Keep us happy with some work in progress pics plz!!!!

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