newbie's table version 2

jmck_ncJuly 15, 2008

I wasn't sure if I should start a new thread or continue on the old one. Please advise if you'd prefer I keep to one thread. Here is the new version of my table taking Slow's advice to add petals to each flower. I also changed the edge a little. Do you think I still need to fill spaces? Or will grout do it. I can add some of the smaller rocks to the more open spaces. Thanks for the great feedback!


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That looks GREAT, JM!!! I LIKE it. I think if you are safe to grout as is, w/a small rock here/there. I REALLY like the flowers you made on the edge. That's a very creative touch. All your other flowers show up nicely. What color grout w/you use? This is so much better. You got it, girlie. Go for it.

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Thank you! I am thinking of using a light grey grout. I will use a penetrating sealer on the rocks to bring out the colors...should this be done before or after grout? Going to Lowes tomorrow for my cement board, thin set, and grout. I'm so excited to get this going.

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The sealer w/really bring the colors out. I get Tile Lab's glossy from Home Depot. I seal after grout. These rocks aren't so porous, IMO, that they need sealing before. Some other input w/be nice here. Sooo anxious to see this done. Looks very interesting and unique.

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Slow, I'm interested after reading your suggestion to add more petals to the flowers so they touched. Was that to better assure the grout wouldn't crack or to let her be able to use less smaller tesserae? Always trying to learn from the masters.....Daisy

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Hey WOW. Interesting way to use stones. It always amazes me of the talent that is here. Always is a treat when I open new pix. I like it. A lot.

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You took advice very well! It is wonderful!
I agree with Slow, maybe a couple of little rocks in the larger spaces.
At first I didn't think the idea of the light grey was a good one, I always tend to go dark, but after looking at it some more, I agree.
This is going to be beautiful.

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TX - I thought the same thing about the grey grout, and almost suggested dark charcoal, but decided to keep quiet and let the artist that JM is call it. DAISY: I'm no master of anything - still a student of this art. My suggestion to add more was to call more attention to the flowers by tightening them, as well as fill the space for less grout. I don't like to see a lot of grout in ANYTHING. Tess is much more attractive than plain grout. You've heard the expression "too much is never enough"? That's the way I do everything - over-do, not always right, but in JM's case, it worked. Anxious to see this progress today.

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Thank you, Slow for your thoughts on tesserae. If you won't take my master compliment, please accept that we think you're a wonderful mentor here. (smile)

With the comments on grout, this might be a good time to tell the group again about the grout planner that's available at
I've learned a lot from it and will always keep it in my file.

This project is going to be so beautiful when finished! I love, love, love those stones and have also saved that site. Even a sqaure foot of them is beautiful and priced reasonably enough for how beautiful they are. Judy, you must be having so much fun playing with them!

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Oh, I just ordered Penny Rounds from that site, DAISY: Her things are very reasonably priced.

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I love these stones too. The guy who owns the company asked for a picture of how we used them in our swimming pool for his website. When I sent him the picture I told him I was making a table with the left over stones and he offered to send me any extras I needed for just the shipping costs. Really nice guy...turns out I have enough for the table. He also asked for a picture of the table for the website when it's done. Thanks again for all the great info and comments. And Daisy...I LOVE playing with these stones..already have ideas for more projects...gotta finish this one first though. Thanks for the grout planner info.

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Judy, love your table, it rocks :-) Hey is that particle board, if so doesn't she need some backer board to glue and grout to? Can't wait to see it grouted.

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I would seal the stones before...just using a paint brush.

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I would seal stones first and after grout,love your new design.slow what'ch gonna do with penny rounds?Never saw them before???????????

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Just to have some different shapes in something if I ever START something again. Bone dry on inspiration. Still laboring on a wall hanging but I don't like it AT all. Here's her site for the penny rounds. I ordered red and black from her, and a couple other colors from another site I can't remember now.
Penny Rounds

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Here's the other place - I ordered blue and brown ones. Also Google American Universal Corp. and search for Penny Rounds. Lots of good ones. Home Depot carries them online, but they're continually out of stock on the dark blue ones.
More Penny Rounds

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That's really cool! The natural stones and design are wonderful. I can't wait to see the finished project and how the stones turn out with the sealer. Will you please let us know which method you used to seal the stones (before or after grouting).


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they don't look like the penny rounds that people are now discussing here. Your stone is gorgeous!

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Hey, PHISH. I was giving the site for Penny Rounds to answer CRACKPOT's question.

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