Which window is the best investment??

girlonafarmApril 20, 2010

DH and I are both still in our 20s and building our house together. We are planning on living in this home forever because of its location on our farm. We are shopping for windows and this is driving me crazy!! My main concern about the windows is getting something that is going to last. Since we are going to be in this house forever I want to invest in the window that will last the longest for us.

Here is some info on us: the house is a 2 story farmhouse style with 20 windows. Most of the windows are casements with the exception of a few fixed windows. In case it matters to anyone, we are going with white on the outside and inside of the window. For weather, we have an average summer temp around 85 and the winter is usually in the high 20s - 30s for only a month or so and then things start to warm up quickly.

We have considered all types of windows: vinyl, fiberglass, and wood. So far the only quote I have gotten is for Pella Proline for $12,500.00. After this I realized that I need to just stop getting quotes and decide on which type of window would be right for us. So, what do you suggest? Which type of window would be the best long-term investment for our house?

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I think Pella ProLines are really cheap windows...the compression jamb would probably wear out. Even the guys at Lowes told me this.

I am torn currently between buying Marvin Ultimate, Marvin Itegrity and Andersen Woodwrights.


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Wood is the best long term investment ... IF you are willing to take care of them. Our home is 91 years old. We have our original windows and storms. Fortunately, other homeowners through the years took care of them. The big IF is how willing you guys are to do periodic maintenance. Yes, wood costs more, but if you figure that you'll not have to buy replacement windows in 10-20 years, today's expense means tomorrow's savings.

Vinyl is designed to age and die. I don't know anything about fiberglass.

Good luck with your decision.

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Of course we want to choose the right window from the start because we want to do it once.
I'm not sure there is any window out there that can say that "This window will last forever."
After more than 30 years of window installs and sales, I'm sure I've removed every window brand there is and replaced them with something else.
I think once you realize that no window lasts forever, choose a window you like. One you really like. Buy em!
I like Pella. I like Anderson. I like...

There not gonna last forever, so stop thinking and order your windows today.

All the best,

The Porch Guy

Here is a link that might be useful: my album

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