Mulling windows

Windrider354April 28, 2014

I'm planning a walkout bay window as an extension of an enclosed breezeway. To get the projection I need and fill the opening I needed to order three individual windows. The units will be about 36" wide and 80" tall. Actually the center unit is wider than that.
My question is whether it is practical to mull the units together on site or if the units need to be framed individually. One contractor indicated he could mull them, but I'm questioning whether this can be done so that the whole bay unit is stable and weather tight.
Thanks for your help!

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I would prefer to have some sort of stud running between them to help with the deflection but you can probably mull them.

When I have had clients that absolutely wanted the zero mullion look, we have dropped structure inside the mullion groove to help with the deflection.

That is a large opening and tall. Depending on the unit and frame materials, you might have some noticeable movement.

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spot on by wow.

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spot on.

How British of you. Sounds like it is time for tea.

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