Anderson 400 or Pella ProLine windows & patio door - Advise!

mystikyApril 18, 2011

I need to install

TWO 36x48 casement windows in my kitchen and

ONE 32x80 Single Patio Door.

I have narrowed my choices between using Anderson 400 or the Pella ProLine (wood) series.

My kitchen wall is being rebuilt from ground up and the patio door is being converted from an existing window. This is a brick house.

I would love to hear from the "experts" about the longevity and quality of both.

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I am far from an expert but I would consider the Andersen the less of the two evils and would not use the Pella on a bet. This is my opinion based on only these two products but I would look at Integrity by Marvin before either of these if you can.

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Windows on Washington

millworkman is probably the best authority on these windows so I will defer to his recommendation.

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