are we crazy to restore our 100-year-old windows?

farmgirlinkyApril 14, 2010

Ours are 6-over-9, solid, single-glazed windows that have been badly painted in the past, with hideous aluminum triple track storms. I've been reading oberon's posts and others in THS and located a local business that does scrupulous restoration and weatherstripping (with "flipper-seals" or something like that of old windows -- they referred me to another business in Nebraska that makes attractive, functional, low-profile external wooden storms with a screen panel that will stay in place year-round but not be an eyesore like the ones we have now. Various old-house experts say that carefully restored old windows can approach newer windows in energy efficiency.

Anyway that is how our plan is evolving, and it will cost a lot, I know (working on time-plus-materials), and I guess I'm asking for ?reassurance...that this isn't crazy.

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In two words or less....NOT CRAZY!

You might enjoy the attached link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Historic Home Works

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A very large aountof the gain from new windows comes from reducing infiltration loss.

Flipper seals (a plastic L that goes in a groove in the side of the sash and seals there) better meeting rails seals (felt seals work well here) and flipper seals on the top and bottom go a long way from the older bronze tracks and even bronze spring seals.

I have never really minded using wood storm windows, and the same flipper seals can be used to improve their seal into the window frame.
The storms are not an increase in U value (1/R value) but do help to reduce infiltration.

There is no R value across a metal storm, and even a wooden storm with single pane glass is about the same.

Nothing looks worse than an older house without divided light windows.

Instead of you eye 'stopping' on the muntins, the windows become black holes into the house.

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