having a senior moment

mattie_2008July 30, 2009

Hi guys, I recently bought a set of 3 nippers off E-Bay (if anyone's interested, scroll down 15 pictures under the heading "Mosaic tools", and that's them) and I can't for the life of me, figure out how to use them! Are they for glass or tile? How come I can't figure it out? Anybody out there that would care to show an old lady the way???



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Here I was all set to be a know-it-all, and you didn't post a link!
Senior moment of my proportion! LOL!

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Mattie!!! Pics!!!!

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Girlie we are all more than willing to help ya but we have to know (and see as we're gettin in years to )what ya want us to help ya with>>>>>>I tell you the best info ever will probably come yur way but we have to see what your talkin about first.....pics please and we'll all do our best to help you girl....

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Is this it?
If so-the first one is wheeled nippers, for glass or china to cut small pieces. On a piece of glass, place the wheels in the center of the line you wish to cut and squeeze.
The second tool is a tile cutter, it has a small wheel. use the wheel to score a line on a plate,tile or shard, then flip them over and line up the score line in the center and squeeze-poof, broken plate or tile.
The third are tile nippers, use them to nibble off pieces of shards, or to cuta shard into smaller pieces. Place the jaws at the EDGE of the shard, about 1/4 inch in and squeeze. This might help you some....

I hope I guesses right and am not making a big idiot of myself. If I am, well, it wont be the first time! LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: tools

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Thanks alot, those are them. I'm not used to using tools for any mosaics, I use a hammer for tile and a glass cutter for glass. I'll go into my shop this weekend and try again. Will they work on glass?
Thanks again

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Wheeled nippers work best on glass.

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I think you will really like the tile cutter and nippers for your china. I actually cut a plate into strips with it and then use the nippers to cut the strips into tiles.
Here is tutorial on various ways to cut up a plate...everybody does it differently.
The wheeled nippers can help you shape glass with a lot of control and nip tiles as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Plates tutorial

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