Caulking Window and Trim

bsteeves86April 3, 2011

Hello everyone,

I am hoping for some clarification on caulking for windows and the the casing around the windows. My living room has a cathedral ceiling with very large double paned windows. Much of the paint on the casing is chipping/pealing and there are several gaps in the trim. I would like to clean, seal, and paint everything to accomplish two goals: make it look nicer and elimate drafts.

So the big question is do I use the same caulk to fill the gaps in the casing as I would where the actual window meets the inside of the trim? Currently it appears there is only caulking where the window meets the inside of the trim but it appers to be extremely old, hard as a rock, and is cracked all over the place.

Any insight would be much appreciated!!



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You use caulk in everything except where glass meets something else. You use something like glazing compound everywhere else. In modern times, there are choices in each category.

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