Junction Box Location

hpbigfootJanuary 4, 2011

I have a quick question. I have an inpector coming in a week or 2 and want to see if i will get dinged on this. I am finishing my basement and in my Mechanical Room (That room never get finished) I have a junction box that is mounted to the bottom of the floor joist. So the wires come in on the bottom of the joist to the junction box. All the rest of the wire is ran and stapled inside the floor joist up to code. Is that legal to have since that room will never be finished off or will i have to move it flush with the floor joist? Its a little confusing and i did that that before really looking into any code issues. I finished a room off about 5 years ago and didn't call the inpector but now when i am finishing off my complete basement i wanted to make sure everything is legal and i am thinking he will see this. I know i did 2 things wrong here. First mounted the junction box on the bottom of the joist and second, didn't call the inspector the first time. Thanks, Ryan

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Ron Natalie

You can mount the box anywhere convenient as long as it is accessible. Unfinished basements have lots of leeway.

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Thank you! I guess the worse case is that he tells me that i have to move it.

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