Ugh. Window quote.

freqzApril 18, 2014

So we had Pella out last week for a quote. 23 windows and 8 sliding doors. Came out to a pretty nice car. Not really impressed though...we have 4 windows at 164 unified inches in that quote and we were going to end up with a mixture of wood, fiberglass, and vinyl to make it all work.

Had renewal by Andersen out today figuring it would be in the same ballpark-- you can get better but you can NOT pay more than Pella, right? Wrong. That quote came in at SEVERAL new cars. Yikes.

Who in the world makes a window that looks nice, holds up well, doesn't require kludged together products without breaking the bank that serves the Dallas area?


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Next question: before I have some reps out for aluminium windows (which seem like a good choice for our climate and house) is there a size limitation?

I have 4 or 6 windows at 164 united inches (depending on what we do with the two on the front).

And I'm still miffed at Renewal By Andersen's refusal to send me a detailed quote.

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I am not one of the windows experts on this forum. I can only tell you that my last home had Pella windows, and there were constant problems. I mean, these Pella windows were the worst. And not only were the windows full of problems, but try getting help from Pella; they will pretend like they don't know what you are talking about, or that you are the only one in the universe with these window problems. I would avoid Pella like the plague. There must be more choices in the Dallas area. Keep looking. Have you tried Angie's List to find reputable contractors?

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freqz - you had two of the three most prominent manufactures to your house. Amazing what Marketing dollars can do!!

But more importantly, it's all about what the windows can do!!

You can, and will find, better windows at a much better price. Keep searching, or wait for a pro or two or three to come along on the forum to provide their input.

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I certainly felt like is be settling with Pella...especially given the price. They quoted $2800 for the big windows in wood which was the only way they could build one that size. Tells me that those sooper strong fiberglass frames they're so proud of really aren't. The patio doors could only be fiberglass (or wood at an extra 3 grand per). RBA was closer to $5500 for the same window in fibrex.

I think I'm going to have a Marvin guy out to talk fiberglass and a Don Young dealer out to talk aluminum. There's another manufacturer here in town that only installs their own stuff so I may go speak with them as well.

This is the critical area on the house:

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Windows on Washington

Only one guy to call in Texas.

Call Randy at UltraWindows. He is in Houston but covers Dallas as well.

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I would be interested in know why they could only build the window in wood? The limitation on size for either is 48sqft of glass. I've used both on commercial projects. Is this large unit a DH? The balance system for the fiberglass DH can't handle the weight of larger sashes. In this situation they have to go to clad wood or wood DH units if they are really large.

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It can be built in thermally-broken aluminum, however I don't think Don Young will do it. You'll most likely have to go to NT Windows in their Twinsulator series.

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The big windows are 6' wide by 8' tall picture windows. The two on the front are 8' wide by 6' tall. (Currently a pair of 4' x 6' single hung per-- we don't need them for ventilation)

The tough points seem to be the 6' x 8' picture windows. Would a commercial glass guy be able to drop new tempered Low E glass in there? They wouldn't be energy star but the frames and not tempered glass that are there now have been there for 46 years...

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You have a lovely home. I don't know what we paid for our windows for our lake home 12 years ago, but we used Marvin and are so glad. We researched Anderson and Pella and they sounded like a nightmare. Overpriced and underserviced. Have not had one issue with our Marvins. I know they were very expensive, can't remember the price, but well worth it.

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A commercial glass company can put a new frame in and install butted glass within the frame, if you're willing to go without Low-E coating.

6ft x 8ft is the largest picture window that NT will make in their Twinsulator thermally-broken aluminum series.

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Pella can build the fiberglass unit 96" wide x 72" tall in a direct set. The foam filled fiberglass is going to be very energy efficient. I'm not sure what the sales rep is quoting. We use it for commercial store front applications in that size all the time.

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Not really sure what the Pella rep was thinking. I don't think those would have worked well with the style of the house regardless.

Had another local company out today to quote thermally broken aluminum...21 windows and 8 sliding doors for $32 grand. U value suffers on these (it's just how it is with aluminum, right?) but the rest of the specs look good (including the TX critical SHGC). They make sense in our application.

Now Mrs Freqz just needs to pick a color.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thermal Windows

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No Aluminum windows are efficient in my experience. They are esthetically pleasing for a contemporary home. Yours definitely is a job for Marvin. They will build just about ANYTHING but my lower the DP rating on a larger unit.
if you plan to stay in the house a while, Marvin full line will please you.

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Just because I hate when these threads don't have a conclusion-- consider this a project update.

2 crews showed up today with a truckload of windows and sliding doors. The first 4 doors are in with trim and touch up paint to complete. These guys are busting butt and doing careful work.

One of the new doors (recall-- trim and touch up paint to go)

6 more days...

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Windows on Washington

Keep us posted.

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8 doors and a couple of windows are in. Today's project is the 4 bigguns out back. The installers were shocked to find out the old glass wasn't tempered-- glad Mrs. Freqz reminded them!

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Windows on Washington

Looking good.

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