grouting practice

katkerriJuly 21, 2008

Mosaicing a small(8x8") step-shelf with thinset

this is the back\- the scanner canÂt see the top on front in one shot. shelf side: my grouting efforts are sloppy and the nippings arenÂt going v well either. front\-top half of the little gems, etc. fell off as soon as i stood it upright on worktable.

then picked-and-sanded glumpy, messy grout.

getting some ge silicone11 glue for doors/windows asap.

bottom front: turning out to be an earring hanger,

shelf top mosaiced w/ clear half marbles and is becoming

a nifty reading glasses shelf.

inner edges of shelf legs mosaiced with clear half marbles.

ge glue would be better for the gems&half-marbs but i do like the way thinset looks with tiles.

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Ohhhhhhhh. That is going to be so great! I can hardly wait to see!

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You may be having trouble, but it is gorgeous! I love the colors and all the media you are using!
Just take your time with the grouting.
I can feel very "under the gun" when I am grouting.
I have learned to make small batches and take my time, cleaning as I go. That seems to work for me.
I think your nipping is fine. This has a wonderful feel to it. Keep up the good work.

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Looking good! It's all about learning as you go....

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I admire your efforts, girlie. I might suggest you use the Type I Tile Adhesive. It's a ready mix in a little tub from Lowes, for inside projects such as this instead of thinset. It's a great adhesive - sticks immediately. I'm using OmniGrip - a ready mix for exterior from Home Depot right now, and it's great. You're right about the GE II w/hold those half marbles. Just be careful that you have plenty of ventilation when using it. I've heard some sad stories of people who've used it for years.

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This is REALLY CUTE!!!!

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