American Craftsman 9500 Impact by Andersen

roserxApril 15, 2007

I had it narrowed down between the Simonton StormBreaker Plus 300VL Dbl Hung vs the Alside Coastal Impact Dbl Hung. I happened to be @ Home Depot today and I saw the American Craftsman unit. They all look like pretty comparable vinyl windows to me, but I am no expert. I assume the AC's are less $ than the Simontons & Alside, but is there a downside to them?

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Andersen windows just recently purchased Silverline, who makes these windows. I know for a fact that Andersen hasn't had them long enough to make any extravagant changes yet. The American Craftsman window has been long known as the bottom of the barrel in the industry. Personally I would recommend the Simonton window hands down from your choices. I highly recommend steering clear of the AC window for awhile. Good Luck!!!

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Thanks for the reply. I will heed your advice and steer clear of AC. I would prefer Simonton too, but Alside has more options available e.g., colors, grids, glass.

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If the Simonton windows fall within your budget, they are the better choice. If at Home Depot, inquire about installation; the windows used by Home Services are Simonton, and are better than the American Craftsman units. If you can compare windows of similar specs side-by-side, you'll see what your money will buy. The AC windows appear 'rough around the edges,' while the Simontons have a more attractive 'finished' look and solid feel. I believe the AC also does not use virgin vinyl, which is noticeable; in comparison they have a more bluish cast to them. As with anything, the difference is apparent in the price.

Personally, I had to replace several broken single-pane windows on a Zero budget, thus I ordered the AC 9500's and installed myself. These are special order and better quality than the "Depot Cheapo's" you'll find on the racks. They are leaps & bounds better than what they replaced, and if they give me 10 years of good service I will be satisfied.

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Just curious how you went from comparing windows specifically made for coastal areas where there is a possibility of a hurricaine to a low end piece of junk like AC which is clearly NOT even made for the same application?

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"...low end piece of junk like AC..." Yes, but what do you really think of them? :P)

I know my 'piece of junk' 9500's are double-strength but I seriously doubt they're rated for use in hurricane-prone areas. And Silver Line doesn't make anything better, as skydawggy is so vaguely alluding to they're a beer budget manufaturer. You'll need something much beefier by someone with a proven track record.

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Anyone considering Simonton windows through HD would be much better off contacting a good local contractor who carries them. Not only are you more likely to get a better price, you will also most likely get a better installation. I won't expound on my opinion of HD, if you do a search on here you will see what I and others think about their installation quality.

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OMG...what was Andersen thinking. They make a very nice wood product and should stick to that. The AC windows are nothing more than a builder grade product at best. My buddy who does home inspections on new construction projects said the Andersen 100 is even worse (lots of QC issues).
I agree with the other posts that Simonton is the way to go. I actually had Home Depot install my windows and had no problems with the workmanship. They offered a better warranty that the two independents I contacted and the slight price difference was worth the peace of mind knowing who to call if I did have a problem. I used HD because two of my neighbors had their windows done there and were very happy also.

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I think all skydawggy meant was "caveat emptor" let the buyer beware!!!!!

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