Song of the Sea

daisymeJuly 23, 2009

Oh, this little guy and I didn't get along at all. He had a really bad reputation around this house, and I was overheard to say bad words to him....more than twice. Everything I did with him was a problem. (Reminded me of another guy I had around once.)

I tore off and redid most everything I put on, and worried always that I didn't have enough tess, as I don't collect blue normally, and the gal that ordered it wanted an ocean theme. The turquoise pieces broke badly, and the roof was a disaster when I did it. The beach house I put on the back broke even worse. I was running out of tess that might work. Finding and working with tess that would endure outside and be able to be grouted was a challange for me. (I usually use a lot of smaller and irregular stone) I'm SO glad I'm finally about done with him. Just a little cleanup to go.

I'll get him out of here soon and start on some other things I need to do. I've got a couple of commissions of TG BB's and then on to something I want to do....Maybe that big piece of pipe I picked up along the way. Flag's inspiring me with her column, for sure! Heaven knows, I've got enough inspiration around here.

Here he is, and there he goes. It's much better this way, believe me. LOL

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OMG I love it!!! Where did you find those little fishes - they would make great pendants!!

I understand when things go badly and you just want to fling it out the door. You did a great job, though, and I know your recipient will love it!

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It is DARLING!!!!! I love it!!!! I love to use organic items in my work too!!!! TOOO cute!

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China, thank you. Those little fishes were cut out of some pieces of plates I had around here I'd used on another project. You should have seen me trying to find the matching fronts and tails in that pile of shards. I think I had about 40 of them I could use and discovered after all the gluing was done I hadn't used them all. Off came some tess. One that I found even later (under the rubble on the table) made it onto the roof as a flying fish.

Cathy, thank you too! I always appreciate your comments. And I know you like organic things in your work. I always enjoy what you do.

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You l'il heifer - you blah on about youre mistakes, yeah, yeah, yeah, and it is absolutely wonderful. THIS IS B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!

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Daisy, Daisy Daisy, bad girl, no matter how much of a pain this was to build, it turned out absolutely GORGEOUS and right up my alley with all of those adorable little fishies.!! You done good gal, and you're getting lots of commissions. You go girl

By the way, the fish tail on the roof is priceless!!

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You all KNOW how helpful it is to finally be through a project that you've worried over and hear from other friends here that your project was successful. Thank you all SO much. It was really fun to come in tonight and read your responses. To get these later great comments from Nana, Mermaid and you, Slow, made my night.

Mermaid, I'm glad you noticed and liked the tail!...there are actually two whale tails that I took off of the piece that I also used for the waves on the eaves.

I really enjoy making theme houses if I have collected enough themed material to pull fun tess from. It's why I'd rather work with my own ideas that I've gathered things for over time rather than commissions. Finding all the pieces (to accomplish the gal's theme) took a lot of time, worry, and gas money since I live 30 miles out in the country from any freeway.

I'm glad he's done and nearly out of here. Thanks again everyone for taking time to write to me and make me happy about this project. I love you all for it.

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What a cute piece you made. I know it wasn't what you really liked to do , but gosh it came out so well.Those little fishes are adoreable, and I think the blue theme really worked. Great job Gail,

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love it
wish i could collect "theme" items around here... but it's hard. people don't think your bits and shards could make someone's day!
anyway... i love it :)

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Klinger, thank you. Seeing your comments means a lot to me!

Cal, collecting theme pieces is an ongoing quest for me, and I haunt TSs and GS's looking for them. They're always out there, usually stuffed in a basket with hundreds of misc bits and bobs... they're not in great numbers, which makes it kind of a sluthing hobby. For instance, I saw some buttons in a TS last week that looked like thimbles. GREAT for a house based on sewing, which I already have some little sewing machines (From TSs) and some spools of thread for. Soon I'll have enough and get inspiration to do a sewing themed house! I love working with a theme...just one I have pieces for! LOL

Again everyone. Thank you for your comments and back pats. They make me happy and enjoy this little house now before I send him off. You're great.

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Your bird houses are sooo adorable!!! Good job on this one! (daisyme can teach us all about a thing or two about scrounging for good stuff let me tell ya!) Have you used any of the tesserae Cindy and I gave ya? You could do a shipwrecked in PV house!!!lol!

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Calamity, I just got called for my first Christmas craft fair, so I'm gonna pull out some of that tess and get to work! I'm afraid I got bogged down when I got home from PV with projects and have always worried about glass for some reason. I ordered a lot of glass tiles, and have yours too and a lot of inspiration pieces in that stash. Something fun will be coming soon! (Have you or Klinger ever done anything with those tile pieces you find on the beach in PV? I really like them, but don't know what to do with them.) Shipwrecked in PV would be fun. LOL I still can't believe none of us could bring home that great chair on the corner or that perfect bottle tree. Geez, that never happens to me here.

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How DARling!!! I love it. Your birdhouses are always so charming.

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That is so lovely!! I see a lot of peaceful moments and harmonious thoughts going in to that little guy. That's the way I like to work too. What's the point if your hobby doesn't give you joy, peace, and harmony huh. Great Job!!


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Addie, I had to laugh. If you have a chance, read the text above the project. While he was difficult, he DOES exude a bit of tranquility now, doesn't he? The artistic process is something more of a struggle to me, though it ultimately brings me joy. Your glasswork is beautiful....I love the angel, and I hope I get to your point where mosaic also brings me peace and harmony. Thanks for your note!

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Good going! Everyone has said it all.
This whole "themed" stuff is wonderful Daisyme.

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