Help picking new windows for Toronto home!

gardengal1973April 5, 2013

I went to the home show and my head is just swimming with all the window manufacturer's and installer's sales pitches. I am in serious need of some help from the garden webbers!!!

We have about 11 windows to replace in our century Toronto semi-detached. Although it's not a fancy house, I'd like to have windows that reflect the time it was built. I was looking at the Pella fiberglass windows to start, but I gotta admit I am confused. There also seem to be so many local places making windows that it's hard to get a sense of who makes a quality product - online reviews are never more than a couple of years old.

Can anyone offer some definitive advice regarding good brands, good companies or at least what to look for in a nice quality window? Also, what to ask the sales person regarding insurance, WSIB, guarantees, etc.? I'm prepared to spend some money as we are going to stay in this house, but I really want to get proper bang for my buck! Thanks in advance!

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I'm having all my windows replace in my Toronto semi-detached as well. I considered vinyl, but wanted a classic look from both the interior and exterior.

Like you I was willing to spend some money on decent windows. I explored Marvin and Andersen. Didn't bother with Pella to be honest.

I'm having 17 Andersen A Series double-hung windows installed in a couple weeks. 'Brick to brick' installation - meaning they're ripping out the original double hung wood frames that still exist, with aluminum insert windows which were put in 30 years ago. Also having the entry door replaced at the same time.

I'm ripping out the old frames (and interior trim) to get at the cavities where the old counter weights are for the original double hungs. There is no insulation between the old window frames and the wood rough openings/brick, so tearing it all out gives us the opportunity to properly spray-foam the joints.

The Marvin Integrity line is nice with fiberglass exteriors (look OK) and wood interiors. Similar construction to the Andersen 400 Woodwright and A-Series double hung windows.

A couple years back I gutted our kitchen and had the window replaced with an Andersen awning. The company that did the work was fantastic, and I'd highly recommend them.

Drop me a line - if you like and I'll get you in touch with the folks I'm working with for our Andersen windows. In a couple weeks ours should all be installed and I'll know a lot more then :) But as I say, I've had them do one window already and was veryhappy with their pre and post sales support and installation.

Marvin you don't have much choice - you work with Marvin directly.

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