Oceanside Aluminum windows

tcjohnssonApril 10, 2009

I am looking for contemporary aluminum window manufacturer and came across this company -


Apparently, Oceanside Aluminum used to be "Luxury Windows" but have since detached themselves from the Chinese manufacturer and now build all their own product in California. I've been told that they manufacture everything and source all materials in California.

Their claims are lofty. For example, they state air infiltration for their sliding windows at .09 CFM/sf which I believe is the best in the industry. They also claim to have the tightest sightlines (smallest frame thickness) in the industry and still provide support for large massive thick sheets of laminated glass. Their website is very unfinished (which may mean nothing) but it concerns me that they don't accept credit card payment even for deposits. Is this standard business practice? They've also only been around for about 8 months. They claim their product is superior to Fleetwood (hardware, modern/contemporary style, finish and workmanship) yet about 15% cheaper for similar product.

On the flipside, the person I spoke to at the company seems very knowledgeable and I was referred to them by a reputable local firm.

Anyone ever heard of this company or have any experience with them? Thanks in advance.

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I have heard of the company and myself am skeptical. They had issues when they started as Luxury WIndows and were even sued (and lost) by Fleetwood. Fleetwood only wanted to make a point about what they were doing so asked for $1.00 in judgement I believe. I have been in the industry for 20+ years and have looked at Luxury, Heritage, Western and Fleetwood. I know Fleetwood is the most expensive but their prices are getting closer in price and in my opinion..their products are far superior. Take a look at their arch-type hardware on their patio doors..phenominal. Keep in mind I sell Fleetwood but I can sell Western also and have sold Heritage and I still prefer Fleetwood. I have had a hard time in the past getting quotes from Luxury. As for Credit caards...why would a company not accept them. I am small but I still accept them. Its not a cost issue..it costs me $30.00/month to accept credit cards. Check out Fleetwoodusa.com..they have a section where you can see how they compare thier product against others..its in printed form so no he says this type thing. Good luck.

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