anlin warranty useless

donna_228April 13, 2012

all the window companies have great warranties until the day you need them. when i purchased anlin windows about 7-8 years ago, the lifetime warranties gave me peace of mind but now when i need the warranties, they try to make things difficult. i would have gone with the contractor but it appeared that the contractor went out of business. since leakage issue is both an issue with either the contractor or the window manufacturer, i decided to try my luck with anlin. according to anlin, i have to go through the contractor and since the contractor is out of business, i guess it's no longer anyone's problem. the only time warranties are good are during purchase time.

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If the leakage is due to an improper installation, there are very few manufacturers who will cover that. I don't understand why you are blaming Anlin. They just make the window, they didn't install it.

It could be as simple as the windows needing to be re-caulked. If that's the case, caulking is not covered by any manufacturers warranty that I am aware of.

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What leakage is the issue and did this just manifest itself?

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If you are speaking of water leakage, that is indeed an installation issue more often than not. More details would be needed to say for sure, but I agree with the above posts, the manufacturer should not be thrown under the bus if that is the case. Does Anlin have another dealer in your market that could service you?

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