Magnets & electricity

robjrJanuary 2, 2010

My wife just placed about twenty five crystals on our five bulb fixture over the dining table. The crystals are attached to little magnets, about half the size of a dime and about 3/8ths of an inch thick. When she turned on the fixture, three bulbs simultaneously burned out. Coincidence or take the crystals off the fixture?



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They don't call it electro-magnetism for nothing, but in your case it's coincidence.

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Changing magnetic fields induce current in conductors, static fields do not.

Unless you have a way to move the magnets and the wire is in their field it is coincidence.

Most likely caused by moving the fixture to attach the crystals.

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Probably not entirely a coincidence. The odds are that the lamps may have been in there a while, add in some jostling and shaking of the fixture while the crystals were installed. Lamp filaments are fragile. It doesn't surprise me that a couple lamps burned out actually.

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