Andersen - anyone have our problem? (Pics)

maggie2April 6, 2012

We built our house in 2005 and spent $19,000 on Andersen windows. The jambs themselves are white vinyl wrapped - seemed like a good idea at the time, but now the vinyl is bubbling on seven of the windows. The Andersen rep who came to view our problem says there is no fix. They will replace the jambs if we remove and reinstall all the window casings ourselves. I'm disappointed they won't stand behind their product 100% and cover the full cost of the fix. Anyone else have this issue? If so, what did you do?

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looks as if it warped. That looks like an Andersen tilt wash. do you get alot of heat build p in that area? even so, that should never happen.

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Are those vinyl or fibrex windows? They look like double casements? And the vinyl covered jamb, I'm assuming it's an Andersen sub jamb that's part of a full frame install? Otherwise, why would they replace it.
I'd kind of like a little more information.
Either way, a wood jamb painted white wouldn't do that. Andersen can't get it through their heads that vinyl and wood do not go together well. Never has, never will. Don't replace this with the same thing.

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Looks like a vinyl wrapped extension jamb to me.

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looks like contact paper to me.

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Yes, they are vinyl double casements and the extension jambs are vinyl wrapped. We would like to replace them with wood so this doesn't happen again. Do you think it would do any good to try to escalate this issue at Andersen? It seems to me this is such a gross product defect, they should cover 100% of the cost of fixing this. What do you think?

I laughed so hard when I read "looks like contact paper to me" that I woke my husband up.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

That is definitely a product issue if the jamb extensions were integral and Andersen should replace them.

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I looked at the Andersen Limited Warranty from 2008 and it says that they have the option of "1) providing replacement parts to the Andersen retailer/dealer you specify - installation not included; or 2) provide a factory-authorized repair to the existing component at not cost to you; or 3) refund the original purchase price or retailer's/dealer's price at the time of the original purchase, whichever is less." Sounds pretty clear to me that they probably won't pay somebody to replace the extension jambs - which probably includes cutting them to size and removing and replacing the interior trim.

I would ask them if they would provide painted or primed replacements instead of the vinyl wrapped ones.

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Who told you they are not standing behind their product 100% ?? They offered you the material didn't they? If your kitchen floor failed in some way the mfg. would offer you, guess what, new flooring. Who removes the old floor? and installs the new one?
Also, there have been some manufacturers over the years that have made products to go with Andersen that were not made by Andersen, like screens. When they failed, guess who got the blame! Make sure it's an Andersen part. I din't know they made vinyl wrapped extension jambs, and wouldn't want them anyway.

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Jumpilotmdm, I will have to put out my own money to pay for the labor and material to tear off all the window casings and replace them. Do you think it's fair that I have to do that? Andersen sold me a defective product! Yes, it's an Andersen part - the rep has been to the house and stated it's theirs.

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I wasn't commenting or judging the fairness of it, I was merely stating that in the building products world the cost of removal and re-installation is almost NEVER in any warranty, i.e. the flooring example. Look up the warranty on any product in your home and you'll see what I mean.
The real shame is that Andersen has covered their products well past the [unwritten] warranty they had back in the late 70's thru the early 90's to the tune of millions of dollars when the had double hung sash that rotted and fell apart. But with industry pressure and other factors they now have a written warranty and apparently are using it to their advantage.
All in all it surprises me that this is their product. I wish you the best of luck and wish i could help you myself.
Who did do the installation?

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Windows on Washington Ltd

I can think of 3 manufacturers off the top of my head that have paid for our labor to replace their defective products.

One of them covers the labor expense for 20 years.

Andersen is a big company and sells a bunch of product but it would be nice if they new it was and abject product failure, to help the customer out or at least provide them with the materials that they will need to replace in addition to the windows (i.e. interior trim, stools, etc).

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Then, my mistake. The building products world is changing and I must not be keeping up very well.
3 Companies? Which ones, may I ask?

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Certainteed, Decra, and Milgard (when they were in my area)

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Jumpilotmdm, we had a reputable builder in our area install the windows. The same builder installed Andersen windows in the first house we built 25 years ago and we were very pleased with the Andersen windows then. That's why we chose Andersen over Marvin for our second house, even thought the builder's vote was for Marvin.

The Andersen rep is coming to our home again next Monday because we have more windows showing signs of this defect. Assuming Andersen will supply us with the replacement parts, my husband is estimating it will cost us around $1,000 to rectify this situation and that assumes we will do the patching and painting of the trim that needs to be removed and re-installed. Bummer.

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Thanks for your excellent pics. Found this post as we own these windows and they are doing the very same thing! Can you update us on your solution and what Andersen did for you? Thanks!

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