Plastic mannequins

mfbpaJuly 8, 2013

While driving down to the beach for vacation, my husband spies a yard FULL of black plastic mannequins in someone's yard. We couldn't pull over fast enough, lots of traffic. So he went back the next day and bought me ten ladies and a man! I'm beside myself with glee!!! Lol anyhow, am wondering if they would fair well outside in the summer only, so rain... If so what glue do you think? I use liquid nails for all my metal outdoor projects, it's terribly sticky but holds up very well. I was thinking it might be fun to try a different glue.

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I have had a fiberglass mannequin outside for several years - no damage. Outside adhesive - I'd suggest GE Silicon II for windows/doors, or thinset. Have no experience w/Liquid Nails, but many others on here have had good results. I'm sure you'll get more opinions from our great group.

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My glass totem is glued with GE silicone II (clear) and has been outside for 5 years and is still in perfect condition.

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That is really pretty! I'm going to try the silicon when I get home, to see if it's any different than the liquid nails, sticky-wise. I'm working on a shovel here at the beach and just ran out of the color glass that I am using... bummer! So I'll have to start a new project! LOL

I'm covering an old metal shovel and I want to use plates and dimensional stuff on her head. Since I never did this type of work (layering) I was not sure how to go about it. I
decided to mosaic the whole thing with stained glass, then I think I'll grout it then add the other stuff. I have plates, and glass flowers etc.... is that the way it's typically done?

Those of you that use stained glass, or plates for that matter, do you prefer to use the glass cutter to make your edges or do you like the nipped look?
I tend to like the nipped look myself, but I am not always able to get exactly the shape I'm after. Still I think it looks more organic....

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mfbpa....what a score and so glad to see your post. I just opened this forum to inquire on almost exactly the same thing! Only my top torso mannequin that I picked up at a resale shop is made of a hard substance that appears to be foam, it's very light weight. I'm wondering if I need to seal it before putting my tess on and if so what would I seal it with and what would be the best adhesive? It will definitely go outside. I was thinking either thinset or GE ll silicone for windows and doors.. Silvamae....I LOVE your totem, so elegant looking!

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Thanks for your comment, oldcrafty. That totem is made of several clear glass vases, each 99 cents at a thrift store. They are held together with the GE Silicone II, the same adhesive I used on the mosaic. You can't tell by the picture, but all the stained glass on it is translucent, so when we turn in the driveway at sundown, the light shines through it.

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oldcrafty, what color is the foam mannequin? I have successfully mosaiced styrofoam balls that are made from that white, crispy foam, and I didn't seal them first; just started gluing, and they have lasted for years with no problems.

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Silvaemae, Thanks for the response. It's actually a sort of golden color and is semi smooth, it had a thin fabric glued on it which I pulled off. It appears to have a sealer of some sort on it. I really don't think it needs to be sealed. Would you suggest thinset or GEII to adhere the tess? Thanks for your help.

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I think I know just what kind of material you're talking about. As for the adhesive, you should use whichever one you prefer to work with; I think they both would work equally well. Me, I would probably use GE Silicone II.

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