to replace 1 or 2 windows

duk748April 6, 2010

hello - i had sears install windows in my home back in 1992 - this past weekend after cleaning 1 bedroom window i pushed the top sill back up & something broke in the window to where it will not stay up unless the window is closed & locked - i have tried to get parts for this window (hinkel-hofmann made the windows) but they are now out of business - i had a person out to try & fix the window after i now know what is wrong w/ it & the entire inside frame has to be removed - it would cost at least $200 to fix - i am now contemplating replacing the entire window but do not want to have 1 odd looking window at the front of the house - if you were me would you just replace the other window at the same time in the front?? - my garage window is ok & would not deter from the rest of the frontage - any help w/ my dilemma would be greatly appreciated - thank you

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If it were me, considering the windows are nearly 20 years old, I'd be at least looking at the possibilty of replacing them. Modern windows are more energy efficient, have less air infiltration and you can get a 30% tax credit on the windows until the end of the year.

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