Sill pan for Marvin patio door

Boca33434April 23, 2014

I will be putting in a new 3 panel Marvin Clad Ultimate Patio door to replace a rotted Peachtree patio door. The problem I have is that my deck is the same level as the floor in my house. Also, the deck boards butt right up to the house. As a result, I could not use a standard sill pan that has a lip over the front as there is no place for the lip to rest.

I purchased a roll of DuPont FlexWrap NF (6 inches wide) to use as a sill pan. (The wall of my house is made of 2x4s) I talked with someone at DuPont, who offered two suggestions for using the FlexWrap as a sill pan in my case.

Option 1: Bend up the end of the FlexWrap where it meets the carpet in the living room to form a roughly 1/2 inch vertical wall to form a barrier to water entry.

Option 2: Where the FlexWrap meets the carpet, roll over the last 2 inches of the six-inch wide FlexWrap to form a barrier at the end, so that the sticky part of the FlexWrap in the rolled part is exposed to the patio door's sill above it.

My concern with Option 2 is that with the FlexWrap rolled up at the end next to the carpet, the Marvin door would not sit flat on the sill area because the FlexWrap was rolled at the end next to the carpet.

Any advice on which option to choose would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help.

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In my opinion without fixing the deck situation you will end up with a leaking rotten Marvin Ultimate Clad Door.

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Can they pull up a decking board at the door? Plunge cut and stitch in the new decking board.

We have also used foam backer rod beneath the FlexWrap to create a back dam.

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Thanks for the suggestion. The idea of foam backer rod beneath the FlexWrap is a better solution.

Could you please explain how plunge cutting and stitching in the new decking board would work or look like?

I should note that there is deck ledger flashing and that the flashing is not bent down over the ledger board but lays on top of the deck joists, extending about 3 inches out from the house. If the ledger flashing was bent down over the ledger board, then I could have cut the deck board adjoining the house back about 1 3/4 inches to allow drainage. But the way the ledger flashing is put in, I would have to cut a strip off the adjoining deck board of at least 3 inches in width to allow drainage next to the house, which would be too wide.

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Door pan should be flashed over the ledger board and then the decking boards on top of that.

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