Distorted Reflection insulated glass windows

hyrailApril 23, 2010

I'm replacing the insulated glass inserts in my aluminum frame windows because of fogging. (North Texas) They are not low-e glass. When observed from the exterior, my existing windows reflect a true undistorted reflection, which I like. I've had two of the 23 windows replaced recently; 21 to go. Not low-E. The replacement insulated glass have a distorted reflection. Almost as if the glass is deflected by either a vacuum or pressure between the two panes. Most of the homes built in this area the past 10 or 15 years contain windows with distorted reflections, including half-million dollar homes. Is there a process for making insulated glass that does not deflect the panes? If not deflection, what causes the distorted reflection?

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The answer is to have an optically pure, undistorted reflexion, and/or glass with no curviture (sp?). You will need to invest in high-end, premium insulated glass units. I believe PPG manufactures the cleanest float glass - based on my observations. Hope this helps.

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