Sliding door replacement with two large windows

ognendApril 26, 2011


I live in South Florida and have a house with an annoying number of large sliding doors. One Sliding door is actually a three piece and is pretty much the length of the whole wall. It is a concrete home and because we are in a hurricane zone, I would like to replace the humongous sliding door with two large impact glass windows. I am OK with carpentry work but not with concrete work. Would it be unsafe to build a wood frame for the windows and attach it to the concrete wall sides (instead of using concrete block to build down the opening for the windows? After all, my french door is a wooden casing attached to concrete wall on both sides and the top.



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That is actually the way it is done in a lot of areas. They use it as what is called "wood buck". It is attached using masonry anchors to the concrete an then the window is installed normally.

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Thank you. Would you elaborate on it - maybe I know what you are talking about but the name "wood buck" is something that does not ring a bell :)

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