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SolidSeagramsApril 29, 2014

Has anyone had experience using Action Windows & Siding or Advanced Window Systems in Connecticut? I'm in the market for replacement vinyl windows and have narrowed down the search to these two companies. Both companies seem to have a good reputation according to Google reviews. Advanced markets their own windows while Action installs popular name brands. I would be between Okna 400 or 500's installed by Action versus the Standard or "Energy Gold Package" from Advanced. I realize this is very specific to this companies in this area. I'd like some reassurance that Action is good on the installation side since I already know both Okna's are good from reading the other posts on this forum. Thanks.

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dont know about either installation company, but I do know that high end manufacturers like Okna dont sell to any "geek off the street". You gotta be handy with the steel if you know what I mean, earn your keep!
Seriously though, high end manufacturers manage their reputation by vetting and qualifying their dealers. This is not a guarantee of quality installation, but gives very good odds. The other guys are likely sourcing that window from another manufacturer (VERY few dealers make their own product), and just putting their own label on it because the manufacturer brand name = mud. Alside, MI, and the like come to mind as usual suspects in this case.
Case and point, I had a local dealer in my area that was a highly sophisticated, high-pressure firm, and they were actually selling the same Alside window that you can get from Window World for $189 installed, for over $1200 per window! Lesson to be learned: do research on whatever product you are considering, and if you can't find any info, move on.

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Okna is good about policing and vetting who they sell to so there is at least that level of protection.

It is worth repeating though that the end consumer must do their own research and be informed about their purchasing decisions.

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Action Windows & Siding replaced 6 sliding windows and 1 sliding door made by Okna Windows company. Installation was fast and professional. The prices were very competitive to other companies that I shopped with. Recommend to everybody.

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Action Windows & Siding did most of the windows in our condo and we could not be happier. Recently we replaced our front door and 1 remaining window. The installation process was very smooth both times, and they were very diligent to leave our property as they found it. No loose nails or debris in our yard. We have recommended them to many friends, and to my knowledge, they have all been very happy. You can't beat the quality and the service for the price!

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I was wondering what is involved in a 'standard' installation? Will everything be taken care of in terms of insulation, window trim, trim painting, framing, etc?

I only ask because in the weekend flyers I see advertisements for standard installs like for Window World CT.

Please continue this discussion because I'm in the market for new windows next season! Thanks!

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When you are reading about a $189 window (effectively a lost leader advertising bait), it does not include Low-e, argon, grids, or any exterior capping.

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+1. "Standard installation" can mean different things to different companies. For one company it is a "caulk and walk", where interior stops are popped off, window thrown in, and stops back on. Many times fasteners are not even used. I've actually had guys tell me that the "caulk will hold it in place". Disgraceful. For other companies, standard install will be far more comprehensive including exterior cladding, etc. Its kind of like shopping for cars. "Standard options" will vary by brand and even model. What you will want to see is all of these details broken out on your proposal for comparison purposes.

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The review about Action Siding seems way a real customer would join a website and make a possitive post like that. This forum has strict rules against spam. Give me a break.

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