I've been commissioned to do a mosaic !

toomuchglassJuly 20, 2012

Holy cow ! This has never happened before ! It's for a lady on another forum I visit . She's seen my work and fell in love. Her DH's birthday is in Oct .... and I'm making an exact mosaic of his Harley as her gift to him.

Here's what his motorcycle looks like ( gulp)

This is how far I am ( just started it ) -->

I'm sweating just thinking of doing the windshield. How do you mosaic "clear glass" ? I have some smoky white streaky glass, maybe I can paint the board alittle bit bluish grey . I don't know . I have to think !

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Was this the person who assumed it would be cheap? This is sounding familiar to me.

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yep ! You remembered ! In fact , I finally quoted her a fair price ,and she shocked me by offering to pay me way over what I stated ! I was so sure she would balk at the price . What a great surprise :)

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Hey, that's awesome! I'm glad that worked out. Looking forward to seeing the project. You're very talented. I'm sure she'll be thrilled with it.

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Congratulations! I hope you post work-in-progress photos!

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Whoohoo!!! That's great! What an amazing project this is gonna be! I look forward to the WIP pics of this!

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

How cool is that???!!!! Congratulations!! I, too, will be looking forwarding to seeing what you come up with.

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