Lead Time on Marvins Post-Polar-Vortex?

sahmmy_gwApril 18, 2014

I have placed an order for Marvin Ultimate Clad windows. I am very excited to finally get rid of the 25-year-old single-pane rotted-frame windows. This past winter's polar vortex situation was horrible. I had minus-20 outside and horrible drafts and thick ice dams inside my windows. So I am impatient for the new Marvins. I don't know why, but I expected a lead time of 3 weeks for the windows to get here. My contractor said this winter was so bad that everyone is like me and replacing windows. Resulting in backlog. I am curious, what is this forum's current experience as to lead times?

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What lead time were you told? When I sold them this time of year was always 4 to 6 and closer to 6 on larger orders

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Current quoted lead times are 5- 7 weeks for standard and special items. There are exceptions but I don't know the specifics of your project.

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Sorry, I should have said in my OP. Contractor told me 5-6 weeks. It's only 3 windows, though they are tall, but I thought no big deal for 3 windows it won't be a long time to get here. Was wishful thinking I guess. I am glad to hear that's within normal range.

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