I'm the mean mom/sm today!

incognitomomJuly 6, 2011

I have tried to be pretty lenient this summer. I did't mind if the kids chill out in the mornings for a while before getting their days started. I was letting them stay up later. But then it got ridiculous. They would be up till 1 or 2am and then up at 7am playing with electronics. It would be 11am and nobody wanted to eat breakfast and they had been up for hours playing with electronics. I would tell them it was time to eat breakfast and get chores done and I would get grunts and groans!

So last night I had it and told them all midnight bedtimes. I also said that when they awoke in the morning there was no electronics until breakfast was eaten, chores were done, teeth were brushed, hair was done and they are dressed for the day! They all looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language.

Funny how this morning everyone slept till 10am! And then they just wanted to lay in their beds. LOL Guess since they could not get up and become zombies in front of the computer, tv, or video games it was not worth missing sleep!

I'm happy with that though. At least they will get a good amount of sleep and not be crabby! And if they want to lay in their bed all morning to avoid chores thats fine too....but when the phone or doorbell starts ringing for them and I have to tell people they are not available till they get their chores done they may get up!

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Inc... you are not the only mean SM ... SKs used to have a "friend" who would be at the house at 7am rule back then they couldn't go out till 10 am ... now they don't leave the house!!!

Hubby and I laugh punishment would be making them go outside...

I have only one real rule this summer ... however many hours you spend on the comp/video games (because you are afterall teenagers) ...is how many hours you cannot play once you are done that does not include sleeping or being at mom's.... so if you wake up at 9am and head to the comp or video game and do not get off till midnight .. that's 15 hours you cannot be on it ... so you have to regulate your time!! they are now playing a couple hours at a time rather than not playing at all the next 2 days ...:)

SS13 has been complaining of 'stomach aches' but can sit at the comp for hours ... was pi$$ed at me because I made him make a real meal instead of snacking all day ... how dare I say make a sandwich (instead of making it for him!!)

Conversation went like this ... why don't you eat a sandwich or have a bowl of cereal instead of crackers... because I don't feel like it I want crackers well don't complain later that your stomach hurts if you haven't eaten but I ate I had crackers really so I can serve crackers for dinner and you'll be happy after all you ate ... no crackers aren't dinner so what makes crackers lunch???? insert rolling of eyes and snapping of tongue! ..

My favorite excuse for staying up late ... they are on "vacation" ... well I am not so I don't want to hear kids at midnight! when I have to be up at 6am. GO TO BED!

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Wow pseudo... that sounds just like my house! LOL! I actually do punish my 16 year old by making him hang out outside for so many hours instead of being grounded to his room.

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