Just In The Door -- TWO Mag Recommendations

teacatsAugust 7, 2012

Just stepped back in the house from a quick visit to Lowes for a new kitchen sink faucet :(

BUT -- I did find TWO gorgeous decor magazines (well-- I guess these are closer to softcover maga-books LOL!)

1)Southern Accents 101 Beautiful Rooms: Available until Sept. 28!!! This is a wonderful mag -- from the long-departed-but-always-missed Southern Accents magazine. Cost: $13.99 US or $17.99 CDN.

2)Autumn Cottage: Availble until Oct. 8. From the folks that publish Victoria magazine (Hoffamn Media Presents)-- thick paper with LOTS of gorgeous photos. $9.99 US.

Hope you can find them in your neck-of-the-woods! :)

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Thank you, Teacats! I always love your recommendations! "Autumn Cottage" sounds especially interesting to me!

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Yes, I've seen those at the grocery and they both offer marvelous eye candy!

Teacats, you are so great at keeping us informed and up to date with our publications! That's so nice of you.

I love a beautiful, glossy mag as much as the next person, but Can you believe the price of them these days? I remember the $3.50 magazine! Today they are an "investment!" So, your recommendations are all the more valuable considering that, TC!

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Oh boy! Will be fun to lounge in an Adirondack chair with these two mags when we go on vacation. Thank you, teacats :)

Autumn Cottage -- our weather has been rather autumnal lately. The sun is less intense, leaves are beginning to drop, hickory nuts are falling, the area has that last-gasp-of-summer look, more like September already.

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Oh, Awm, that sounds heavenly!

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Don't get me started on Fall!!!!

Picked up and flipped through Autumn Cottage this morning at the grocery store. I put it back though. Not a lot of time but I will check it out again. $9.99 sounds like a lot but I can say that there were hardly any advertisements in it (maybe none?) and pictures were full page pics.

Since I tend to see things as a whole palette instead of things in a picture - let me say that the colors were beautiful in this mag! Less orange and more pale orange or rusty if that makes sense.

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You are a girl after my own heart! I always get the cottage mag but don't have the fall one yet.

Will be quite some time before Fall is in my neck of the woods LOL.


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Oh and Lowes is a good suggestion because their mags are 10% off. I did a subscription to the "cottage" mags (one offered for each season. It was $20 which is half price off the full price. Each issue is $10, but they are larger than most mags.


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Tina, Fall won't be near my woods soon either! Summer is supposed to linger well *into* Fall this year for us, according to the forecasts. Hope they're wrong!

Good tip about magazines at Lowes. When I DO splurge on mags (& boy did I, just last week!) I buy at Barnes & Noble since I get 10% off with my member card.

I splurged on Hearst Magazine's "Best of Kitchens and Baths" and Fine Homebuilding's "Kitchen and Bath Guide, 2012," both $9.99! I'm such a tightwad! I felt so indulgent, like I was buying myself a ring at Tiffany's or something, for crying out loud! (Okay, true confessions, at the same time I also bought the new issue of "Virginia Gardener," but that was just another $3.95. At that point, who was counting, lol?).

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Thanks for the recommendations! I adore SA so will check that one out for sure! Can you tell if they are previously published pics or "new?"

I am a summer girl (although this summer has been more "torrid underbelly of hell" hot rather than the normal sticky, humid, swampy-ness we Southerners are used to) so am not ready to welcome Fall yet. Give me a few more weeks of summer vacation with my children and 95+ days and I will be feeling more "welcome Autumn!" and ready to think about Fall decor! :)

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Thanks all!! :) After discovering that the kitchen faucet was "giving up the ghost" (LOL!) - finding these two new mags was a joy! :)

Yes -- Indeed! Prices for all kinds of books and mags have risen so much -- that is why I take so long to choose one -- and then read it over and over again!

And yes -- Fall is but a distant and hardly-remembered dream down here -- the "torrid underbelly of hell" is an excellent turn of phrase! Honestly -- feels like we're caught in a restaurant salamander (a quick broiler ... )

And so far -- each of the mags looks wonderful!

I am not sure if the photos in "Southern Accents: 101 Beautiful Rooms" are new or simply from their files ... BUT I can say that I have not kept many of the old SA mags -- so I'm glad to see them! :)

AND BEST of all -- the Southern Accents mag has tips from some of my fav Southern designers -- like Amelia Handegan; Barry Dixon; Paul Garzotto ....

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Thanks teacats, I need to go to Lowe's to make a return. ;o)

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I found out that Cottage Living still publishes "reissues" of their old magazine. I just bought the latest. Love it cuz I miss that magazine.

Here is a link that might be useful: Newish Cottage Living

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Teacats, I hope you'll post a pic of your new faucet once it's installed! I'd love to see it (faucet/fixture obsessed person that I am!) and I'm sure others would too! They do make such beautiful faucets for both kitchens and baths these days!

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I cant wait to head over to lowes. I really miss Cottage Living , Cottage home, And country home mags. I cant get enough of magazines. I have made a accordion file of everything i have loved for the last 20 years. It is so fun sitting down and pouring over the magazine pics. Great ideas for decorating and having parties.I especially LOVE Autumn so i cant wait to get this one.Hoping Fall is around the corner for this Maine girl.

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Got my cottage one yesterday! (Fall Cottage)

Did get an idea for my Thanksgiving table. Beautiful pictures!!


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Oh, you folks are making me so sad, fall, nope, not even close to ready to think about that yet. I am still in denial that it's August, in my mind it's not quite July 4th...


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Sandy, I admire how fully you embrace summer!

Actually, it's only supposed to go up to 84 degrees today here, which is a full-blown cold front compared to how it's been! Currently, the temp is only 75! So what am I belly-aching about? The humidity! It's been very rainy the last few days (I know...we're SO fortunate to be getting these downpours while much of the U.S. is living with drought!) But it feels really sticky and icky. Frankly, I'm tired of feeling sticky and icky and sinusy. Ugh.

Fall is my favorite time of year with the crisp, clean, cool air and a sparkling clarity to the sky that no other time of year seems to have! I was born in October, so I guess that's fitting. I do think it's wonderful that there are people who enjoy the heat, and don't mind humidity!

But that Autumn Cottage sounds delightful to me!

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Thanks for the recommendations. Road trip to Lowe's or B&N coming up! I'll be using that 10% discount at one or the other. Autumn is my favorite time too, and it's supposed to get down in the 60's Friday and Sat night here. In Bama in August...Huh?!? I'll take it and love it! Going to London next week and it's in the 70's. Ahhhhhh!

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I got my Autumn Cottage this morning! Instead of driving clear out to Lowes I checked out a local mag/newspaper store and they had one left. Thanks for the heads up teacats. And I didn't realize they published a cottage mag each season? Is this a new magazine? Headed out to the garden with it and some coffee and cookies.

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I've been inspired already. Pictured on one page,there was a rustic bench sitting on a porch. I suddenly remembered an old weathered, grey, vintage desk chair I've had in the garage for years. So I sat it out on my small front porch. Not the same, but kind of. :) Also I see there is a card to begin a subscription, so I'm going to mail it tomorrow. Hopefully they can keep up the quality of the magazine.

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schoolhouse: So glad that you are enjoying the Autumn Cottage magazine -- hope that you post a photo of your inspired porch chair! :)

It IS a really really lovely magazine -- even the back cover photo is really worthy of framing! :)

Another Lovely photo is on page 86 -- the half baskets (full of fall flowers and berries) hung on the doors ... charming! :) I'll be using that image for inspiration when I switch my silk florals in the half-basket on my porch ... in Sept.!

SG: I really don't think that my very very basic short kitchen faucet is worthy of a photo -- LOL!:) I'll just be so glad to get it installed this weekend! :)

Cheers! :)

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Thanks for the recommendations, Teacats! I was just at Home Depot yesterday, darn it. I'm going to head back there or to Lowes tomorrow to pick up the Autumn Cottage. I can't wait to see it!

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Yes, I'm going to go look for that style of basket at Pat Catans. I used to have a small one that was a little smaller and more shallow but have no idea what happened to it. Every Fall I make a wreath of weeds and whatever else I can find on the property and put it on my garden gate. This year, I'll fill one of those baskets and hang it there instead. Bet it will look nice.

Well, my inspired porch chair project would look a heck of alot nicer if I had my new porch columns installed and painted. Until then, things look a little derelict - and not in a good way. I started to scrape the old paint off one day and had to stop when chunks of rotted wood came off too.

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I'm in the same climate as StinkyG, and I miss actually breathing outdoors.
After weeks of 95-105 days and relatively low humidity, the temperature dropped ten degrees and the air turned to warm Vaseline.
We're having our house painted (outside). I hope I live long enough to see it dry.
Sorry. Off the point entirely. I just felt like whining....

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Hilarious post, Bronwynsmom! So you're whining. This weather of ours would make the most Doris Day-like among us cranky! (But yes, sorry Teacats for the hi-jack! The mere mention of the word "Autumn" pushed some of us over the edge! LOL!).

Yes, the temps dropped, and I should be over the moon delighted, but when the result is "warm vaseline" (perfect description, B'smom!)..."delighted" doesn't quite describe my mood! (Some cheese with my whine?)

The good news is we'll appreciate and enjoy the cooler days that lie ahead all the more when they finally do arrive!

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No worries about hijackings!!! :)

Yup -- so miserable about the blast-furnace weather that I'm still in my robe (gasp!!) and drinking another pot of tea ...

... can't even remember what a fresh cool clean breeze might feel like .... sheesh ....

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