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lovehadleyJuly 7, 2009

My DD is doing swim team for the second summer in a row.

Last year, she was at the top of her game, swimming in the 6 and under category.

This summer has been a struggle for her--she turned 7 in May, and has to swim in the 7-8 girls division. Well, a lot of thes girls are much bigger and older! Heck, some of them are 8, almost 9. That is a big difference at this age! She is def. at a disadvantage, being at the youngest end of her agegroup.

Anyway, she has had to move up a practice lane, and they swim a lot more laps, it's just generally a lot tougher than last year. But she has been working hard, and hanging in there, even though she finds the practices really hard....

Well, her hard work is starting to pay off! She came in first place last night in 7-8 backstroke, heat 1! (for those of you not familiar, heat 1 is the group comprised of the swimmers w/the fastest times...) She was SO EXCITED! She usually comes in 3rd or 4th, and has been getting disappointed...last night, she just swam so strong, and DH and I were cheering so loudly...I wish I had a video camera on me b/c when she hit the wall and looked and saw that she was 1st, her face just LIT UP. The people next to us (from the other team) were saying "oh look at that little girl, she is so excited."

Then she came in 2nd place in the girls freestyle, heat 1, also!

She also swam butterfly and came in last :) but she was just so thrilled to have swam fly that she didn't care (or notice!)

I am just glad that she had a great meet b/c I have been assuring her that the tougher practices will pay off in the end....

I swam competitively all through grade school, highschool and college until I got this is esp. exciting for me! :) I love to see her enjoying it and doing well, and feeling confident about it!

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Yay yay yay!!!!

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That is fantastic LoveHadley, aww...tell your DD Good Job!!

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What a great sport! We didn't have swim teams in my tiny little backwoods county. I would of loved to swin on a team!


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My SS15 is a swimmer--has been for the better part of 9 years. This will be his first year for the high school team and he's SOOOOO ready. He's grown a lot taller this spring and summer, so I'm hoping that pays off in his times...

Yep, I've spent a lot of time at various pools, driving to meets, timing at meets, etc. etc.... I was always the one who took him to the road meets--just he and I. Have some great memories of that time. :) He still holds some 8 and under records in the county.

Good for your daughter!

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Awesome!! DD swims on a year round swim team, and although I wasn't a swimmer, I think it is such a great sport and teaches so many valuable life lessons. DD is working hard gearing up for the championship meets. I hope her hard work pays off for her as well (even has her focusing on her diet) -- it usually does. love, is your DD going to swim year round or stick to summer teams?

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thats so awesome!

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Good for her! I was also a swimmer in my youth, and had one of those unfortunate birthdays that always made me the youngest and smallest in my age group. Even though I rarely won, it was a lot of fun and great exercise.

And for DD to be winning now? Fabulous!

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good news, congrats, you should be proud!!!

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Marie, I don't know about year round. If it were up to ME--I would love for her to do so---just because I want to live vicariously! I miss swimming competitively so much!

But I don't want to push we'll see. I will probably sign her up for a stroke clinic at the Y or something this winter, but not a winter team.

If she has a good season next summer, and wants to do it, then maybe...

I have my fingers crossed but it just depends on what she wants to do.

SUCH a big commitment, too---I started swiming year round when I was 10, and by the time I was 12-13, I was swimming for 2.5 hrs/night, 4 nights a week and every Sat. AM, as well. My poor parents--so much driving!

How often does your DD practice?

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DD took swim lessons until she was your DD's age and then joined a competitive team. When she started out she swam for 45 minutes per day 5 days per week (though she was never able to attend all 5 days due to other activities). She is now down to only two sports so she makes all practices. This summer she is swimming 1.5 hours, 6 days per week with an additional afternoon workout on two days. DD will go back to 1.5 hours, 6 days per week in the fall. Once DD gets her endurance up (as a sprinter, she has the times, but not the endurance yet), probably after the fall, she will move to the championship team which practices 2 hours per day, 8 times per week. Its very hard work but she enjoys it and is successful at it and plans to stick with it long term. And yes it is a HUGE commitment for the child and the parents.

End of season 4-day championship meet starts tomorrow (thats about 28 hours of sitting on hard bleachers for us and about 12 hours of driving -- the things we do for our kids!!!)

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