12Ft Patio Door Replacement

PinesEverywhereApril 29, 2013

Hey Window & Door Experts:

I'm finally taking the plunge to replace/upgrade my 12 Foot Patio Door. I have gotten 4 quotes and they are all over the map price wise (some of my quotes include installation ... my favorite quote does not). These are my lessons so far -- followed by questions for you all:

- Vinyl is not recommended with a span this large; do you agree?
- Wood Interior with Aluminum Clad exterior is durable for this span but is still affordable; do you agree?
- If I buy the door from a wholesaler and have it delivered -- what is a reasonable installation cost? (If there are any installers out there that may know).


The products I am considering are:
- Pullham Windows (All Wood - Local to SE Michigan) -- Pricey
- Sunrise Windows (All Vinyl - National Manufacturer) -- Affordable
- Weather Shield Signature Series (Wood Interior and Aluminum Clad Exterior) **

** Best price point (for my project) considering interior appearance and reasonable durability.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Vinyl can be run in that span without issue.

Not sure what clad wood is going to run you but it probably a safe bet to assume it will be about double.

Sunrise's slider is a very nice unit.

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You can also do an 8 ft door with a side lite on each side.

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We just did a 12' unit that was a 6' door in the middle, flanked by two 3' deadlites. Came out beautifully.

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Thanks everyone!

Windowsonwashington: Appreciate the nod on the vinyl. The Salesperson that said that offered both the Vinyl product and the Wood/Alum product. Maybe he was up-selling me! Thanks for the opinion on Sunrise too ⦠good to know.

Mmarse1: You got me thinking (oh no). I do like a four panel look and I really need a 4 Foot opening in the house somewhere.

HomeSealed: Congrats on your project and thanks for the idea. Can you tell me if you âÂÂreplaced an existing 12â foot unitâ or not. IâÂÂm curious if the rough opening has to be âÂÂbiggerâ if I do a combination Slider and Deadlites.

IâÂÂm going to mock some ideas up over a photograph based on your input. You folks got me thinking. I have some ceiling beams that run perpendicular to this door that IâÂÂm concerned about (i.e. where theyâÂÂll intersect the door sashes simply from an appearance standpoint). The houseâÂÂs foyer is a short hall that opens into this Living Room and the Beams and the Slider are the first thing you notice. IâÂÂve got to get this right! IâÂÂm also going with a French Door design with the heavier Sashing so it looks a little âÂÂwallishâÂÂ. LOL.

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Here's some pics of an outward opening french door with side panels. This is only 10' wide (I wanted 12', but new codes made this cost prohibited). Still has a five foot wide opening. Biggest downside?.... Cost roughly twice what a 3 panel slider would. Biggest upside?... Large opening and easy to open.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Looks good...as always.

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The rough opening does not need to be bigger, the manufacturer has everything sized to fit. I believe that there was 3 huge 4' panels in this opening previously. This job was about an hr from my office, but I'm headed in that direction next week so I'll see if I can snap a pic. Similar in appearance to lkbum's unit, just wider panels and one panel slides as opposed to 2 being hinged.

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Wow -- I really lkbum's unit and (truth be told) I really want 4 3Ft Panels with the middle two sliding or swinging giving me a 6 Ft opening -- sigh, very pricey as mentioned.

HomeSealed -- thanks for the additional information on the rough opening and if you can get a photo better yet (no pressure, if you have time).

I've lived with this ugly doorwall for a year and it is the one window/door REALLY outdated in this house. I've got to determine whether to wait and get my ultimate door or do something modest sooner. Thing is ... this doorwall is key to re-doing the room in it's entirety which is flooring, walls and lighting -- not to mention a new patio or deck (as you can see). Everything revolves around "da door" and "da money". LOL.

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As a side note ... my sincere thanks to you posters that have commented. I've been reading old threads and notice that you folks help many, many people. I have really benefited from your generous advice not only here but on the forum in general.

Couple things I am now applying to my current challenge are:
- I am NOT going with the WeatherShield product.
- I am going to use a well-known, reputable seller/installer that has been in business a long time (and that I've worked with before).

Thanks again posters -- keep up the great advice.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Sounds good. You are well on your way.

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love the door! wht kind of prices are people getting for the 12ft slider and the beautiful door above? I'm just starting this process have 2 12ft ans 2 10ft 1950;s sliders that need to go.

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