When to close storm windows?

GingerBlueApril 23, 2010

Please help settle a disagreement. We live in the Ozarks where there are four distinct seasons, in a basic boring 1960's home with double hung windows and aluminum exterior storm windows.

My husband just moved here from the south of England and is having to learn all about having extreme seasons and how we deal with them. Here it is April, the heat is off, the windows are open every day and many of the nights. And he is driving me nuts because he keeps closing the storm windows.

Now I have always thought that storm windows are up (or removed) when the heat is off and down and sealed when the heat is on. In other words, if the temps are moderate, don't bother with shutting the storms. He feels, however, that they should be closed every time we shut the windows because if it rains then it will hit the double hung windows and run down the sill. I see no problem with this, the sill is made for it and I've lived in this house for eight years this way (and every other house I've ever lived in).

So which is it? Do most people open and shut their storm windows throughout the season? Honestly, that would drive me nuts. They're not exactly easy to deal with.

I know in England in his flat he essentially considered both windows to be one unit. But he probably only did it maybe 20 or 30 days a year...whereas we have "open window days" nine months out of the year.

Am I crazy? Or is he?

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Windows on Washington

Having the storm down in the Spring, Summer, and warm portion of the Fall will actually hurt the efficiency of the home by trapping too much heat against the windows.

This is assuming that the storm window is relatively airtight, which most are not. That being said, the generally accepted practice is to raise or remove them during the warm months.

Score one for the wife in this case.

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