29 windows, stained wood interior, and money

geeketteApril 24, 2013

Our central NC house was built in the late '80's and the windows and sills are failing. I'd say of the 58 panes, 10 or more of the seals have failed, few can be opened, there are no screens, and probably half the sills were clad due to rot when we replaced the masonite with Hardi 6 years ago.

So...new windows.

Pella wants over $30k for their Architect series (cottage split for most windows, so Proline is out), but since they would be both manufactured and installed by Pella, one would hope there'd be no finger pointing if something goes wrong.

Googling Pella, Andersen, Marvin, etc., just brings up complaints, class action lawsuits, and bad news, much of it very out of date.

What we want is wood interior stained to match existing trim and a low maintenance exterior, with assurances that things would be put right if there are problems. Hopeless? Suggestions?

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Marvin Integrity wood/ultrex is a nice option that is budget friendly.
With clad exteriors, extruded is superior to roll-formed, so the Marvin Ultimate would be better there, along with some other options like Kolbe.

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We have Pella and are very happy with them. We just replace the kitchen window with another Pella--we have lived here 22 years and that thing was here when we got here.

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+ 1 on Homesealed recommendations, and personally I would shy away from anything Pella.

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Pella seem to be love 'em or hate 'em. I know they had some problems years ago, and hopefully they learned from that. Other problems I see mentioned are usually with the install (or finger pointing).

We have a slider that was installed a couple years ago and it works very well.

I'll look into Marvin, but I can't get their integritywindows website to work (or maybe it's my browser).

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