Shutters - Where/What to Buy

artnjApril 14, 2011

Hey all, my 10 year old house came with light weight plastic shutters. In the last big windstorm, 2 not only came off, but one ripped.

I am not opposed to buying plastic shutters, but I obviously dont want to buy something so flimsy it will rip.

Home Depot has some decent looking ones, but I know a lot of times they sell junk. Any tips? Thanks!

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Go to a LUMBER YARD not HD or a box store, ask for Cellwood Vinyl Shutters. They are not cheap but they are heavy duty vinyl.

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About 2 years ago I purchased & installed some nice HD shutters online from Architectural Depot
Not Cheap but what a difference in quality from builder installed shutters

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I thought Builders Edge(found at Home Depot)were supposed to be good. Is that wrong? I would sure like to find some shutters that don't fade like crazy. Even my north facing shutters have faded.

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Builders Edge or Mid America are a I believe a painted shutter which will fad from the sun. Cellwood will slightly over time but they are a solid color shuuter so the fading will be much less. As far as the quality of Builders Edge I would say they are middle of the road not the worst but certainly not the best

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