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helpwiththisJuly 5, 2009

I have decided to tell my sister that at the end of the summer my babysitting services are over. I am telling her that I have helped her out for a while now and in the fall my kids will be in school all day. I want to use that time to do some freelance work and get some projects done around my home. I know that this is going to be a difficult conversation and instead of thanking me for what I have done she is going to freak out over what I will no longer do. She will complain and ask me what I expect her to do. So wish me luck and the strength to stay calm!!!!!!

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I wish you luck -- Give her plenty of notice, since she'll need time to make plans. And you may want to plan something that takes you away from the house for most of the first few weeks (a morning art class?) just to make it easier to stick to it.

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Yes, Throwing much luck your way. And dont feel guilty after the talk. Stand firm with your decision. And i agree Sweeby has a great idea! Book yourself up for the first few weeks.

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Good luck -- yes, come up with a schedule, maybe volunetering at your kids school, whatever.

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You may want to drop a hint here or there so it's not such a big shock. Just mention you've been thking seriously about the freelance. You can mention with both in school, you'll be getting involved and maybe even room mother. Then when it's time for no more babaysitting, it's a done deal. Just as her child comes first to her (in a manner of speaking) your children come first to you and no time for babysitting. Good Luck. Lynn

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Be strong. I would have raised 9 grand kids if I had not been strong in some cases. I lied in other situations until they got the idea. I am not a liar usually, but they were his kids and hated to alienate his children. I didn't worry to much about mine. LOL

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How did it go?

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luck to you

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It went so well. I was amazed. She told me that she half expected things to go that way since I have been mentioning freelancing. She was very mature about it all.

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That is great --

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