Bathroom wiring

luganJanuary 30, 2012

I'm trying to take power from an existing GFCI plug and add a thermostat to take wire from kit down to a small heated floor mat under tile then power over to a switch to operate a ceiling exhaust fan and then power over to a light switch...any offers on a wiring diagram?

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Ron Natalie

Depending on what else is on that circuit this may or may not be legal. Does the circuit feeding the GFCI serve other bathrooms?

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No, it had the 3-way switched vanity lighting on it before i gutted the room in order to add ceiling exhaust fan, an additional light and heated floor

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Sophie Wheeler

Lighting should never be run off of an outlet, much less a GFI outlet. If you need additional lighting, it should be run from the lighting circuit that powers that segment of the home. A heated floor needs it's own dedicated outlet and also should never be run from a GFI outlet.

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hollysprings, do you have ANY code facts to back up what you are saying??
I have a few to dispute most of it.

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Ron Natalie

A bathroom circuit not shared with other room is permitted to serve both the receptacles and the lighting. The one thing I would avoid doing is putting the lighting (except for things that specifically require it) on the the load side of the GFCI (it's kind of annoying to lose the lighting if you trip the GFCI).

With the exception of the few circuits required to be dedicated to receptacles (kitchens, laundry, and multiple bathrooms on the same receptacle circuit), there's no code reason to put lighting on a different circuit than the receptacles.

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