sliding windows vs double hang

marzenaApril 1, 2010

finally came time to replace our old windows which are all sliding. If you would like to convince me to switch to double or single hang what would be the reason? I don't care about the cleaning factor,more interested about construction and performance.Thank you for your input.

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Sliders as a style of window have a higher air infiltration and water penetration rating than double hungs as a style.

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Windows on Washington

The large unsupported span of the middle of a slider window usually equals lower Design Pressures and higher Air Infiltration as Sky describes.

Single/Double Hungs have support on both sides and therefore are tighter and more resistant to water and air infiltration.

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Sizing is also important in your consideration. Normally sliding windows are wider than they are tall and double hungs taller than they are wide. In other words, if you have 5040s and 6040s you will have to convert those to 2 - 2640s mulled or put together and 2- 3040s. If these are in your bedrooms and you do not a door to the outside, you have to stay with the sliders, go to casements of the same size, or change the opening and use larger double hungs to satisfy the fire or egress code. The smallest double hung in most cases to meet the egress code is a 3050. These are all things you should discuss with your window supplier but at least be aware of them. Good luck!

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I am trying to decide on whether to replace my old aluminum single pane windows with either sliding windows or single hung...the sliding windows seem to be it because of the higher potential for air/water infiltration mentioned in the other posts?

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a good part of the reason, sliders are not sold anywhere near as often and the technology has not advanced near as much so they are still using mostly older profiles and style parts for which the cost is not as high.

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If cost was not an issue and you want the best performance in an opening designed for a slider (usually larger horizontally than vertically) I go with a casement window. They seal tighter than any other operable window. Plus, I think they look much better and they are easier to clean since most slider windows don't tilt in and you have to physically lift them out of their tracks and set them on the floor for cleaning.

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