Reliabilt Sliding Doors with Blinds Between Windows

capawaApril 13, 2008

Does anyone know anything about the Reliabilt Sliding doors at Lowe's that have blinds between the windows? Are they good sliding doors and what are they made of? Are they easy to install? It was hard to get any information from the Lowe's worker.

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The Reliabilt door is usually a good door. They are usually made by a reputable big name manufacturer specifically for Lowes to hang their own name on. It just depends on where you live in the nation on who's making them. I live in the North Central part of the nation and our manufacturer of Reliabilt products is Jeld-Wen. I've installed a bunch of these and never had any issues other than scratched glass (which got changed out quickly). The vinyl covered steel door is really working good up here. If you can get them in fiberglass that's the way to go as far as I'm concerned. Good Luck!!!

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Nice looking slider door, but I can't find any product-specific installation instructions for it anywhere. If it weren't for having to pass codes inspection I'd simply attach bucks around my concrete block door opening and screw it to the bucks by the door fins after getting it level and plumb, but I'm afraid of failing inspection if the door is not screwed from the top, side and bottom into the doorway with Tapcons (concrete screws). Also, there's no predrilled holes on the sides of the unit so I might damage the door if I make new holes in it. This sucks. Lowes doesn't know the right answer and the product approval instructions from Florida codes makes no sense to me. Reliabilt is also a Lowes brand, my door is actually made by Atrium but when I called them they said they don't sell to Lowes and gave me another number that didn't go anywhere either. Somebody needs to make a video for installing this specific door or a easy to read installation guide that doesn't apply to a dozen other doors and installation applications as well.

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or you need to hire a contractor if installing a door is that confusing.

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