Bainbridge by Softlite Glass options

swmotzApril 26, 2013

Hey, guys. I'm hoping someone knows the answer to my question. I have tried talking to the shop in town that has Softlite windows, calling Soft-lite and even calling PPG. So far, either the person doesn't know the answer, or the person won't return the phone call.

I want the Bainbridge window. But, I want the equivalent of the Cardinal glass 180 with the sputter coat on the second surface. I realize Bainbride doesn't use Cardinal glass. But, I don't know the PPG terminology. That's why I've used Cardinal terminology.

So, my first question is, is the PPG Sungate 100 the same thing as the Cardinal 180?

If not, what is the PPG glass that fits my description (I'm assuming they make such a glass option)?

Does Brainbridge offer this as an glass option?

I sure hope someone can help me! Stephanie

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Windows on Washington

Looks like the Sungate 400 would be about the equivalent glass to what the Cardinal 180 is.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cardinal Glass Data

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Hi Stephanie,

There are thousands of LowEs on the market today and unfortunately, no manufacturer can carry them all. Soft-Lite offers several glass packages that meet a wide range of climates and budgets.

I am assuming that you live in the Northern zone of the United States because you want such a high solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). However, I would not suggest such a light coating anywhere in the country. The option you've suggested would not meet Energy Star criteria and increases the U-factor of the product to above a 0.30. When we start changing coatings in products we change several different characteristics, not just the solar heat gain. I would suggest the LowE+. Currently, LowE+ is a Guardian RLE 70/36 soft coat (sputter coat) LowE that brings the U-factor down and still keeps the SHGC relatively high.

If you really want the high solar heat gain and do not care about how insulating the window is, the Bainbridge is available with PPG Sungate 500 (S500).

I hope this helps,

Soft-Lite Engineering

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Thanks so much for the info. Your answer did bring up another question: Is there anyway the Bainbridge can be offered with Solarban 60 on Starphire glass?

I am desperately trying to find a glass option that provides visible light in at least the mid 70s. But, I don't want the hard coating that the Sungate 500 uses. And, I certainly don't want the coating on the 3rd surface.

Thanks so much, Stephanie

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Whare are you located,that will determine which glass package you need.

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