Marvin versus Eagle: Too Good to Be True?

vince25April 1, 2009

I have about 30 windows to install here in the Northeast and an Eagle windows come in at about 5K less than Marvin. I've compared the specs on both windows and have seen the windows side by side and there doesn't seem to be much difference (U factor is better on Eagle, warranties are the same,and glas is made by the same producer). Why should I spend 5K more on Marvin windows?

Thanks in advance.

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If everything is the same, there is no reason to spend more.

If not everything is the same, then you have to decide what matters the most and decide which one meets your requirements the best in that regard.

Quality of construction is always important. So if there is a way to check that, it may make a difference. What sort of insulation is in place? How are water and wind kept out in a driving storm? If snow happens to accumulate, will melt get in? How tightly do they seal? what sort of hardware is used?

Material makes a difference. Is one using a different type of wood? Different thickness? Different process to handle color or protective coating for longer lifespan? If these are clad windows, what cladding are they using?

Some other considerations impact maintenance and day to day usage. If they are Casements, which ones allow for ease of cleaning? Does one offer the "self-cleaning" coating on the exterior? Is Casement easy to operate? Is dbl-hung easy to open and close and take our for cleaning?

If they have woods inside, which ones use more wood so that from the inside, it is all wood versus another that shows more of other material? Does one come with a screen that also have wood look to match the windows while the other uses metal?

if you have SDL's, which one does a better job? Does one have flimsy or skinny snap-on? Does one offer a traditional thicker and more realistic look?

It is unclear in your post so I helped you by asking all these additional questions. Good luck!

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Do a search you will find out why eagle are less $$$$$$$$$$$$

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Could you be a little more specific about the search phrase? I just got a quote from Eagle that FREAKED me out. I assumed Eagle was selling gold framed windows, so I am interested to read about the company.

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Eagle is an Andersen company. They make very high quality windows and as a professional contractor I can assure you they stand behind their products.

I don't have much experience with Marvin so I can't compare and contrast them, but they have a good reputation as well.

Both Eagle and Marvin make an extruded aluminum clad window with a thick layer of aluminum.

In contrast other companies, for example Pella, use a rolled aluminum cladding which is paper thin layer of aluminum cladding on the sash. The end result is that the finish will fade and chalk at a much different rate on the thin rolled products.

Many people compare pricing of extruded products vs. rolled and can't understand why the price difference is so significant, but the quality disparity is significant.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ruby Construction LLC

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