Any opinions on Hurd H3?

song_caApril 6, 2011

I know Hurd is not well-regarded here on GW but the guy at the window store was saying the new H3 is a great product. It's got extruded aluminum, vinyl and wood all in one window and is "mid-priced" according to their website.

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Shaky product you will get both good and bad reviews on Hurd in general

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We got three custom-built H3 casements last year as replacements for some rusty old steel casements. It took about a month to fill the order and so far we're pretty happy with them. . From the exterior, they have the appearance of painted wood, and only when you get within inches can you see that they are actually metal. On our old stucco house, they look like they've always been there. The glass seals appear to be tight, but the mitered corners of the aluminum frame are not sealed. We got unfinished pine interiors, which are also quite nice, with very good workmanship and tight joints. There are tiny gaps between the SDL bars and the window frame on both exterior and interior, but these are likewise almost invisible. In some places the wood casing is a bit thin, about 3/16", but of course it's not really structural, being applied over the vinyl core (except for the sash, which is just aluminum and wood). Yet, even with the window open, it gives a convincing illusion of a solid wood window and you'd never notice the vinyl part at all unless you were deliberately looking for it. The vinyl insulates the wood from the exterior metal, decreasing the possibility that moisture would ever condense on the wood, and it also allows the frame to be a little thinner, so the actual glass area can be a little larger. The folding cranks require some getting used to; because of the way the seals and latching are set up they take some effort to turn, and you have to simultaneously apply downward pressure, otherwise they tend to slip back into the folded position. If you don't mind having protruding cranks, I'd advise getting the optional nonfolding cranks, especially if you've got some old folks in the house (or plan to). I'd also recommend getting the wood prefinished even though it adds about 30% to the cost. Although the surface takes stain and varnish quite well, there is a deep recess of exposed wood all around the perimeter to accommodate the cranking and latching mechanism, and that part is very difficult to paint. Installing the windows requires a great deal of care, especially if they are prefinished. We bought ours from a local distributor who farmed out the installation to a small independent contractor. They actually did a nice job on the exterior but the interior was on the sloppy side. Part of the problem was that these windows were designed for new construction and have an exterior flange that would normally be used to secure them in the window opening. Since our exterior was already covered with stucco, that flange couldn't be used, so they secured the windows instead by nailing through the wood casing into the wood moldings around the old windows. Then they put in a trim piece all around to cover the gaps, liberally applying white (sometimes dirty) caulk to all the joints and nail holes, smearing it broadly onto the bare wood surfaces and in some cases using a power sander to smooth it out. Of course all of the caulk outside the joints had to be removed, which took many hours of work, much more time than they actually spent putting them in. Installation seems to be the weak point with all the window companies as they all subcontract it to locals, except maybe Andersen, which is $$$$$$$$$. So I'd also advise doing your best to find the best installer you can, and if you get somebody halfway competent you're doing well. As far as Hurd, I just don't know, seems nobody has anything good to say about any of the window companies. They all seem to be slightly sinister closely held private firms with right-wing connections. I heard that Hurd was involved in a bankruptcy or their parent company was, and as a result all previous warranties were voided, but I don't know if that's true. I don't know what will happen if someday the seals fail, wear out or become brittle. But for now, the windows are fine.

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I have been selling Hurd and other brands of window for 20 years. Most of my customers build high end custom homes and wood windows are at least 80% of our business. The H3 casement windows have become our best seller in this market with spec. builders. I would call it a good builder´┐Żs grade wood window. The vinyl frame with fusion welded corners will make sure the frame wont leek or rot and is well insulated. The extruded aluminum cladding it thick enough to resist dents and dings. And with aluminum cladding you get 15 standard color options. From the interior you have 8 different wood options. The interior can be natural unfinished, primed, painted, or stained wood. They also offer several different types of glass so that you can select the best glazing option for each exposure. Once the window is installed the vinyl frame is not visible from inside or outside. In my opinion the vinyl frame is use internally where it is best suited. If somebody wants something really high end like push out casement with retractable screens, aluminum exterior trim or arched casement windows then Hurds beefier higher end "Energy Saver" series window would be better suited.
Hurds H3 double hung has been recently released for production. They are using the same vinyl frame with aluminum exterior, wood interior. The fist job we sold had some issues with the weather stripping hanging up the top sash. It appears that they have fixed that problem but we still sell more of the higher end Energy Saver series double hung windows because the H3 double hung does not have handles to lift and lower the sashes. You need to grab the wood sash with your finger tips with the H3 double hung. Besides that it is a good nice looking window for the price.

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I have sold Hurd, know people who have sold Hurd and know people who are unfortunate enough to have had Hurd installed in their homes and I would not touch them with a 10' pole. Like Tony above this is only my opinion.......

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Have Hurd windows that are built from 1997 and looking to have them replaced, leaking air all over

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I have no comment on the Hurd product, but you should pretty much expect that any 15 yr old, builder grade wood window will be leaking air and nearing the end of its life expectancy.

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Exactly HomeSealed. By the way jakemi what has been done to your windows in terms of maintenance and upkeep? What type of Hurd windows do you have?

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Would it be safe to say that his Hurd Windows are Hurting from some attention...

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Just an opinion about Hurd in general......They may have beautiful windows, I have them and they're great however, some of mine have fogged up and Hurd says since they were purchased for my custom home that was built in 2005 that they cannot honor the lifetime warranty on the windows. That's huge. No matter how wonderful they look and perform otherwise, I'd like to have windows in my home that do not look dirty and fogged up. I wouldn't put Hurd windows in a trailer at this point because they have literally given all of us the shaft who spent big money on high end windows for our high end homes. My home is a stunning piece of craftsmanship, has been in the newspaper and in a magazine. I wish I had put Marvin windows in instead. I cannot get Hurd to do anything about my windows except offer their sorry excuse that the company that purchased them purchased everything EXCEPT the liabilities (warranties) on prior purchases. That's horrible and should be against the law to sell something with a lifetime warranty, file for bankruptcy, have another company purchase them and CONTINUE to make windows and not HONOR their customers' warranties. That's BAD BUSINESS and people should know. Forget how beautiful they are. Remember, they don't honor their warranty. PERIOD.

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Unfortunately that business practice seems to have become the new American way!!

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Where in TN?

I want that to be my next home state.

Have you looked into any of the de-fogging applications. Some work, some are snake oil.

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CPB from TN, I am a Hurd dealer in Nashville, if you are in this area contact me, I can get your issues resolved

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