Glass garage door in LR?

templemorrisApril 13, 2011

Hi everyone,

We're thinking seriously about putting a large (8'0" tall x 10'0" wide) glass garage door in our living area, in the place of french doors. Not surprisingly, our builder thinks this is ridiculous. I would love to hear what you all think.

By way of background, our builder argues there's no way the door can be tight enough to guard against serious air infilitration, and that we'll blow our goal of a 30 HERS rating. He thinks it'll "flop around" in the frame.

I've communicated extensively with the company (BP Glass Garage Doors) about the insulation issue and here's what they've shared:

"Our Insulated Line doors include the Air Leakage resistance (NFRC) package. Our Insulated Line glazing consists of 1/2" argon filled Insulated Glass Units. Each unit is sealed in place when the doors are fabricatedThe glazing is wet sealed within the frame.

We also provide 2 sets of perimeter weather strip. One is mounted from the exterior and the second is mounted from the interior. The door will sit on a 4" wide, �" tall ADA compliant beveled solid clear anodized aluminum threshold. Of course the bottom of the door has its own weather strip that will seal with the threshold. This completes the package."

We have exceeded all the requirements for Air Leakage per the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code(IECC)."

And, best of all, The door's CFM rating is .06, which is well below the residential standard.

So, what do you think? Can this door work in a super-insulated house? (It would be on the North side, btw.)



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I would have to seriously inspect the garage door to make any type of informed comment.

The design of garage doors is inherently flawed when it comes to air infiltration. I think you are going to have issues in that regard given the large unsupported span of the door.

An air infiltration rate of 0.06 is quite good in a door but I would have to see myself and see how they are getting to that number.

Some of the most airtight Sliding/French doors have trouble getting to that number.

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I am aware of these doors and know of several installed, and they are very well insulated, weatherstripped and extremely weather and air tight. I do not know about the ratings but they seem to be excellent in quality.

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There you go.

millworkman knows his stuff so that is a pretty good ringing endorsement.

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The last building we quoted them on (not our project yet) they were being used in an office building in a finished cafeteria leading to an open air lunch area in a "LEED" certified building. Not quite a house but I am sure they were not looking for an ordinary overhead door either. They use a jack screw type operator so that almost the entire track and operating mechanism is hidden as well as the tracks being very low headroom.

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Thank you all so much for your feedback on this. I really appreciate it.

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Good luck and post up some finished pictures.

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