Remote controlled windows?

ShadySpringsApril 30, 2014

I live in climate where it gets 95 during day and cools to 60 at night. The picture I've uploaded is not my actual house but close. I'd like to replace the upper windows with ones that I can open and let all the hot air out at night.

They are pretty high up there and am looking for a window that opens remotely or ??

Does anyone know of something like this?


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There are manufacturers that offer an electric actuator option on windows. If want to make ones you have existing operate with the actuator you probably could add it on. Truth hardware who supplies many of the window manufacturers with hardware supply an actuator as well. You'll have to ask the window dealer you're working with.

Here's the product.

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Thanks. It just occurred to me that I will need to get power to the windows.

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If you're looking to keep your existing windows, you can always outfit them with an actuator and control system. Adding it on wouldn't be a hard installation. The hardest part would be getting to those hard-to-reach windows.

You could use a rocker switch, wireless remote or link them all together. That way, you can mount it to the wall or use a wireless remote that you can keep in a drawer, on a shelf, etc.

The power supply could be ac or dc. Something small that you could hide easily and plugs into the wall, or something that operates on battery power.

Reply to me if you have any questions about installing an actuator on there at all. :)

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Hi Matt, the windows are fixed so I need to replace with ones that open. I'm researching which window style offers the best ventilation. Maybe the one that has the largest opening? But then I have to figure out how to wire power to an actuator. or maybe a long pole?

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