Some inspiration for you - Dianne Sonnenberg

silvamaeJuly 11, 2009

I have been taking a fused glass class; just finished up this week. It was at Helios Glass in northwest Austin. Next door to Helios is Artisan Glass. I got there early enough to peek in at Artisan and Dianne Sonnenberg had some beautiful pieces hanging there. One is a mermaid that is stunning!! I posted a photo of one of her pieces on my blog. Please go check it out; you will love it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Silva's blog (with photo I referred to)

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Beautiful inspiration, thanks Silva. Aren't the tiles fun?
I don't blame you for wanting a kiln. Paragon Kilns in Mesquite, TX has a scratch & dent section and some great deals on kilns, both ceramic and glass kilns. You can't go wrong if you can go there. You can visit there website. I think it is. Do a google search for it. They will sell direct to you or you can go thru one of their dealers (listed on their website) and perhaps get a better deal. Good luck and happy tile making.

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Sheesh, just as you say there's the home of paragon kilns and the dent/scratch thing...I thought...hmmm...road trip? Then the side pic on the forumpage is a winnebago!!!lol!
Anyhoo, lovely work...very inspiring! Hope you post more pics of your fusing too!!!

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Thanks! I will post more photos next week. The way the class worked, you did a project and then waited until the next class to pick it up. They did the actual firing. So I have one more to pick up; I will probably go next Tuesday night to get it. I am drreaming about a kiln! My best friend, who was in class with me, is ready to go halves with me, so we will be getting one soon, I'm sure.

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Oh, SILVA: I know exactly how you feel. When I was in PV and the teacher let us play w/the kiln, I was determined to come home and run to Mesquite and buy one. She had dichroic glass, and we each got to make several little tiles. It was fun to cut the glass, make very small little tiles w/designs etc. I included all I made on my PV project. Well, things got in the way, and I've never made it to Mesquite, even though I passed there on my way to DD's a couple times. Gonna bite the bullet one of these days when I get something BIG off my list of things to do that's twirling in my head, and make a special trip and get one. Dianne's work is sooooo beautiful.

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Yes! Picture this, ladies. Mosaic a large glass on glass piece. Then put it in a large kiln and ''soft'' fire it so that everything fuses together yet still retains its separate shape; only the sharp edges become smooth and rounded. Viola! NO Grout!!! I neeeeeed a kiln! My goal is to continue to mosaic, yet never grout again.

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