Marvin Ultimate Casement w/Easy Wash Hardware, Anyone?

karenmanessApril 6, 2010

I am looking to replace my double-hung kitchen window with a casement, no grilles, just glass. I have a wonderful view out this window and don't want any obstruction. This is probably the only window in the house that I feel the need to clean on a regular basis since it is right there at the kitchen sink and I look through it all the time. When it is dirty, it's very obvious. So, having an easy-to-clean window in this spot (which is 20 ft off the ground) is important. I've looked at lots of brands and find that some don't open enough to get your arm outside to clean the window. Others do - if your arm is very long and skinny. Yesterday, I saw a Marvin Ultimate Casement and the salesman demonstrated the "easy wash" hardware that allows you to disengage the window from the crank handle mechanism and pull it toward the center so you can really get to it to wash. I was thrilled with this feature and I know Marvin is a great window. The quoted price is $464 which is at least $100 more than the other brands we've quoted, but that easy clean feature is the bomb! I'm about ready to order one but wanted to see if anyone out there has one of these windows installed and how easy it really is to clean, how you like it overall, etc?

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