electrical range installation

capt_philJanuary 14, 2010

Ok... Boat CFR's and NEC guidelines are not the same as housing.

Installing an older model stove - 3-wire vintage (it was free). Have run 6/3 to a 50A Breaker.

1) Would like the proper way to connect the neutral white wire and ground in the outlet and then in the sub-panel (can neut wht and grnd go together if I keep white and ground together in the breaker box?


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1) Don't. Wire up the outlet for four wires hot,hot,neutral,ground and change the pigtail on the stove to a four prong to match the outlet.

As long as you have the correct wiring you might as well do this correctly all the way.

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I was not sure I could change the stove 3-wire config to a 4-wire. Than makes outlet and breaker box easy, however, I am not sure what to do with the white neutral and ground on the stove.

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I don't know all the stoves but basically there will be a terminal block for 2 hots and the neutral. There should be a jumper from the chassis to the neutral connection, remove this and fasten the ground to the chassis.

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