Anderson 400 Tilt-Wash Double Hung or Marvin Ultimate Double Hung

ZeldaRApril 25, 2013

We are installing 12 insert (not full tear-out) windows in our home, and we are deciding between these two types of windows. Marvin costs more, and we are wondering what you get for the extra cost. Any advice appreciated!!

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Windows on Washington Ltd

I think the Marvin is prettier to start with, extruded Aluminum cladding, and I have heard fewer complaints about the Ultimates as compared to the 400s. I have surveyed a few sets of the 400s for unhappy customers for several reasons. Haven't (could just be dumb luck) had to do the same for any Ultimates customers.

Herb (Millworkman) knows wood like its his job (Sarcasm) and I am sure he will have some feedback.

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Not real familiar with the "insert" windows but I feel any of the Marvin Ultimates are a much better window than the Anderson. The 400 series in a new construction is a solid window and better than most but still not even close to on par with the Ultimates.

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The biggest difference between these 2 windows is the jambliner system.The Andersen uses an exposed vinyl jambliner that is a compression style. The Marvin track system is clad with wood so you do not see any vinyl. The other big difference is how they tilt in, the Marvin tilts in like a modern vinyl window(easy) the Andersen titls in like an old school jambliner system.The Andersen A series or Woodright would compare closer to the Marvin in features and price,
As far as perforance goes there will not be a big difference with the exception of Andersens vastly superior air infiltration numbers.
I have had more problems with Marvins, but that really was a product of the installaltion.

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Windows on Washington Ltd


Do you have any of the air data on the 400 that you can email me? I have a customer's house that is literally howling with the prevailing wind and as far as I can tell, they are hung pretty well (new construction).


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They have it on there website.

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