Wiring 2 flood lights together

MikedpgaJanuary 10, 2013


I am trying to figure out how to wire 2 flood lights to the same switch. The switch is currently only turning on 1 outdoor flood light. I need to know if my drawing is correct. Can I just go from the existing flood light to the new flood light?

I also need to know if standard 15 amp 14/2 wire with ground is fine to use.

However, I don't know where the power is coming from. Not sure if it enters the switch, or the electrical box in the attic. Hope I don't need to know that and my drawing is accurate.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. And if I can do this myself, I will contribute VIA PAYPAL. Thanks again!!!

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Ron Natalie

You can run the wires from the first light to the second light, green/bare to green/bare. Make sure the black and white wires coming from the fixture itself are the ones you match up the black and white to the new fixture. The rest is rather immaterial.

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Ron Natalie

You have to find a circuit breaker for this circuit. If it is 15A you can use 14 g wire for your extension. If it is 20A you must use #12.

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Thanks guys!! What's the easiest way for me to find the current amps so I can get the correct wire? I would think it should be a 15A white wire, not yellow which I know was installed for my microwave as it 20A. Should I just look at and match the current wire coming off my existing flood light?

Thanks for the quick response and all the help!

I ordered a couple flood lights and will try it out soon. (With in a week)


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You have to turn the breaker off to work on this. Look for a number on the breaker handle, 15 calls for #14 wire which is generally white, 20 needs a #12 wire which could be a yellow jacket.

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Ron Natalie

Don't trust the jacket colors. While hedricus is right for the common available wiring, to be sure you need to read the writing stamped on the jacket.

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Find the breaker for the circuit.

IT determines the wire size.

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