Question on Running Wires Over Garage Trusses (see image)

Tom PultzJanuary 1, 2010

All wiring for our house comes up from the electrical panel in the outer garage wall. It runs up into the garage attic, then over the trusses across the width of the garage, before turning and running into the house.

As seen in the enclosed image all the wiring is unsupported between the trusses, and most of it was lying loosely across the trusses, with only a few stapled in place.

Since I'm adding quite a few new circuits I would like to know if this is still legal and/or if there is a better way to run the wiring. I'm planning to install plywood flooring in the attic and could probably run it under the wires if needed.

Note: the large red aluminum wiring for the ovens is being replaced by the black 6/3 shown.

As also seen in this picture is a heavy stranded copper bonding cable that runs across the floor and down to were the old gas tank water heater used to be in the garage (a tankless is now up in the attic). The cable attached to the cold and hot copper water lines and also the black iron pipe for the gas supply.

I would like to change the bonding arrangement and run this cable so it attaches to the black iron pipe for the furnace supply, then daisy-chains into the house and connects to the hot and cold copper water pipes, then continues over and down to the Structured Media Center box where I can ground (bond) the metal case to provide a good ground potential for the incoming CATV cable.

Any problems with that arrangement?

Thanks for any suggesstions as always, and Happy New Year!

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If you are installing a floor then those cables must be protected from damage.
They should also be fastened at lest every 4 feet.

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Tom Pultz

So does that mean if I don't install a floor they don't need to be protected :-)

I'm thinking of furing up the flooring on the side of the truss with the wires so the plywood or OSB can completely cover them. The portion over the wires would be removeable and not in place during the rough-in inspection.

Does that sound reasonable?

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