texasfernJuly 31, 2008

I have had soooo much fun this week.

I am teaching a friend and fellow crafter how to mosaic.

We have been to flea markets and Goodwill Clearance (OMG! I love this place!)

She and her husband do woodworking for the most part, and it is beautiful stuff.

Anyway, heres the birdbath. Total cost $8. Had to buy a brand new 14" terra cotta sauser for the top.

Over in T2T I posted pics of a couple of other things.

I will be posting pics of a couple other things here tomorrow that will be finished.

What a hoot!

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Hot diggedy dawg - that's wonderful. Is that a wooden spindle? BEAUTIFUL, and yeah - isn't this place great?

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How original and neat..Love the colors.

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Very colorful! Love that base. will you be doing the inside of the saucer, too?

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wow, that is unique, how did u attach the saucer to the wood? sounds like u and your friend had a great time :-) bonnie

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Beautiful piece, Fernie. I like the way you did the sides different..instead of the same all the way round.

Be Safe, Rach

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How much fun!!! Nothing is more fun than to find another mosaic friend, with something to offer too! Great project!!!

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Thanks ya'll.
To answer the questions:
The base is an old wooden lamp, and YES, GW clearance is wonderful!!!!
No, we are not going to do the inside of the saucer. Keeping it simple and we used the ready mixed adhesive/grout. It was what she had and so we just used it up!(my brand new bag of thinset was relocated to the floor from the shelf by persons we will not name, and got wet and now is a large toe stumper!

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Really pretty!

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